Genius and Ayandah Sibiya


  1. Guys your wedding is too nice & cute especial your dress. God bless you guys with a lot of children & big family. I have a special gift for you guys a class of love, a cup of peace, a plate of patience, a spoon of honest, a fork of trust & a knife of faithful. God lucky MAKOTI….

    Patience Kutoane

    2 July 2009 • 1:59 pm •
  2. Cute wedding dress & have a blessed life together.


    6 July 2009 • 10:56 am •
  3. It looks like the 80’s reunion.


    7 July 2009 • 10:50 am •
  4. Hi! Guys this is very nice your wedding dress is so awesome, thanx for bringing vintage look, your dress and bridemaids dresses, it reminds me of my aunt’s wedding in 1985 she got something similar to that. Let the Almighty bless your wedding and allow HIM to guide you in the obstacles that you may have.


    7 July 2009 • 11:21 am •
  5. Thank u Mpho, I couldn’t have said it better. Please guys, u should have atleast hired professional photographer not use your cell phones to take pictures. It was more like the 80’s theme. Congrats and God bless u with lots of children.


    8 July 2009 • 10:16 am •
  6. OOOh i’m so speechless anyway Jah Bless


    8 July 2009 • 3:22 pm •
  7. The wedding looks nice 4rom the distance but when u zoom in ….ngiyabonga mina


    10 July 2009 • 2:51 pm •
  8. I have never seen such PINK PINK in my life, and that is the truth nothing but the truth just like my name.

    The truth

    13 July 2009 • 12:22 pm •
  9. hhaaaaaaaaaaa this pic4 is a killer..sorry 2009? haikhona guys


    15 July 2009 • 12:28 pm •
  10. this was the best wedding i’ve ever seen. May God Bless you.


    14 December 2009 • 10:01 am •
  11. This does not look like a wedding that have been planned for 3 years. Makoti what’s with the top? And what is the groom holding on his hand? And what’s with the pink-ie pink-ie?


    23 November 2010 • 3:40 pm •