Dinky and Mimi Baloyi


  1. the pictures r not clear


    17 May 2010 • 3:11 pm •
  2. Woo, no…why the brown trail on the dress?? Sorry i am not impressed!!!


    17 May 2010 • 3:13 pm •
  3. Hai Makoti,Hai man Ke dilo mang tse shweshwe tail hai man,, may The Good Lord Bless your union.


    17 May 2010 • 3:41 pm •
  4. the dress was much better without the brown, not too sure abt the dripping and the make up, gud luck with the journey ahead


    17 May 2010 • 3:43 pm •
  5. Haai haai nor man that brown trail yase shoeshoe nogaal doesnt luk gud….but otherwise luks lyk u two love birds enjoying yourselves gud luck


    17 May 2010 • 3:47 pm •
  6. This is called a traditional white wedding.


    17 May 2010 • 3:57 pm •
  7. Mmmm…Makoti your dress is nice, the tail is not Ayoba.I wish you all of the best in your marriage and Mya God Bless you abundantely.Beautiful wedding though..thanks for sharing

    Tebogo M

    17 May 2010 • 4:00 pm •
  8. bm

    U guys r perfect, problem is the brown trail & the make-up
    God bless the you n all the best in ur marraige


    17 May 2010 • 4:20 pm •
  9. White wedding mixed with tradition!!!…wish you guys had more time to split the ceremonies, or immidiately change from the white gown to a traditional outfit….Otherwise theres creativity there, and it was your day and your own choice.

    May you live happily ever after and continue loving your husband..


    17 May 2010 • 4:35 pm •
  10. This is exactly the reason why I am so scared of trying to be unique. Why would someone want someone want to spoil such a beautiful dress with a long brown tail like this. This is why I don’t like this idea of best of both. The idea was culture, yes I respect that but it just spoiled your beautiful day.


    17 May 2010 • 5:01 pm •
  11. kk where r u? konje when is your big day? cant wait to see a WEDDING, hope wa repela b-cos renyaka bona bagona and ba busy…gud luck


    17 May 2010 • 5:06 pm •
  12. pics aint clear
    but i can see it was a nice wedding
    God bless you guys


    17 May 2010 • 5:21 pm •
  13. Your table decor looks nice, the black draping is another story. Your dress looked nice without the brown trail.

    All the best in your marriage.


    18 May 2010 • 6:50 am •
  14. Aowa brown trail this is not ayoba you were trying to mix white wedding and traditional wedding.
    Your dress look good without that brown thing.


    18 May 2010 • 7:59 am •
  15. lesela la seshweshwe le batla eng moseng wa lenyalo Makoti,


    18 May 2010 • 8:16 am •
  16. Lovely decor and I love the dress without the brown tail.
    God bless.


    18 May 2010 • 8:22 am •
  17. Nice wedding.May God Bless you………………


    18 May 2010 • 8:24 am •
  18. Ok, what colour was this Wedding? The decoration looks beautiful,eish the black tail not Ayoba.

    Have a blessed marriage journey

    All the best!


    18 May 2010 • 8:31 am •
  19. are you guys still going to wear tradition or o betha nonyana tse two ka leswika le tee? if so that is gud but…


    18 May 2010 • 8:37 am •
  20. May the lord be with you in your marrriage.
    Ladies who are soon to be married, please note the following mistakes that should not be done by you:
    Make up: 1. Get a professional who will do a trial on you based on your skin color. The color they used on the bride was not entirely her color.
    2. Make sure you match the groom properly and the colors you match must be talking to each other properly. 3. Invest your money on a professional photographer. The memories of the wedding will be manifested in your pictures.


    18 May 2010 • 8:49 am •
  21. Dinky & Mimi??? are thoese your real names?
    any way beatiful bride,the wedding = No comment

    Cookie Monster

    18 May 2010 • 8:50 am •
  22. First you chose the right colours, it was a lovely theme. BUT i must say this and it goes for those who’r about to get married:

    Make sure u hire the best photographer, the maid of honour is there to make sure that the make-up doesn’t go off no matter how hot it is.

    There’s this brown tail on your dress it’s not ayoba period. You cannot take a sishweshwe material and put it on a white wedding dress especially THEE WHITE WED DRES. Pic 9 & 11 you were not relaxed, that was day u were supposed to be the most relaxed person on that day.

    May the good Lord bless your reunion.

    Zanele Mazibuko

    18 May 2010 • 9:39 am •
  23. joyce i hope u got permission 4rm ur friend to post their fotos bt my guess is u didnt cos if u did she wuld hav given u clear fotos not lezi ze camera phone.

    trying to be unique kuyabulala sometimes


    18 May 2010 • 9:58 am •
  24. This thing of moderation we end-up saying one thing, bcoz while posting someone is also posting the same thing. Sowetan please can moderation process be quick. Ke a gopela tuu!

    Zanele Mazibuko

    18 May 2010 • 10:01 am •
  25. Ngiyabangena sori i jus could not kip quiet yoh!!1/5 4 da table decor.

    Trying to be toooooooooo unique did not go wel Koti!Y o sentse roko mara?n da feathers tsa da tail tsona?y da bridesmaids ba di blonde spirals n pony tails tsa tong?di gladiator sandals le tsona(la bona guys similarity ya di hairstyle le di accessories gore ya thusa?)da bouquet ya di ribbon haowa maan.le da center piece le ona.

    Eish da photographer le ena hai mathata fela.N I honestly hope ur frnd got ur permission coz hai seems dat da bloogers agree gore mmmmm dis ws nt ayoba!

    Anyway re le lakaletsa mahlatsi le matlhogonolo!

    Lee soon lov soon!!!


    18 May 2010 • 10:20 am •
  26. hayi sesie!!! good part is dat u married,but I think it wud have been best sticking to a TRADITIONAL WEDDING….
    KK!! where r u?


    18 May 2010 • 10:31 am •
  27. Ok,now what was this?White or traditional wedding,makoti wa tshwanelwa but hey…………..Kk please come to our rescue tlhe


    18 May 2010 • 10:34 am •
  28. People that are abt to wed must attend the wedding expos,not a lot of bucks…it will really help i.t.o colour combinations, themes, etc. very important


    18 May 2010 • 10:39 am •
  29. The table setting was beautiful, that person knew what they were doing.
    I think your dress was ok, only if you didnt include the brown tail, but eish those Thorning things on the corners on the boob tube, looked very uncortable, okare di a tlhabatlhaba.
    Ladies: please dont let your friend do your make up, if the foundation matches perfectly on their face, it doesnt mean it will look hte same on you, we have different skin tones.


    18 May 2010 • 10:54 am •
  30. Aowa abuti, le wena you could have put more effort on your attire. The striped tie ka shweshwe waistcoat, not ayoba.


    18 May 2010 • 11:18 am •
  31. It could have been much better without the brown trail its way out. there is really no need for bride to go all out trying to blend with colour theme cause you got bridesmaids and bestmen to do that. It can ruin …really.


    18 May 2010 • 11:39 am •
  32. Hi Makoti & Mkhwenyana

    The best part here is that you guys are married,Thats all..Guys you still need to look back to your pictures and be proud of them..posing for a an excellent photo can only be the best thing for your wedding hey..so yaa hey this wasn’t too facsinating…what do you look back to when you have photos like these. and the Musila part of it a definate no! no!.. i’m not sure what you were trying to do there or the disigner for the that matter..

    Like i said the best part is that you are married hey so may God bless your marriage

    From Pruddy


    18 May 2010 • 12:10 pm •
  33. wait now guys can somebody tell me if this is a wedding gown or seshweshwe? anyway ushadile ntombi siyakubongela


    18 May 2010 • 2:15 pm •
  34. @ Jowie, wa mpetha lol…..


    18 May 2010 • 3:17 pm •
  35. Eish not ayoba for me, but the purpose for the day was surved,


    18 May 2010 • 3:26 pm •
  36. the brown tail man thats not ayoba yah decor was ockay actually beatiful and the make up the bridesmaid dress was so simple i believe more could of have been done on those dress any hu beatiful you liked it it was your day glad you enjoyed it.


    18 May 2010 • 3:55 pm •
  37. No comment!


    19 May 2010 • 8:06 pm •
  38. nice wedding girl, don’t worry about bad comments. i was de and you were cute. i liked everything. it was your day

    keep on praying dat God keeps u 2 forever.


    20 May 2010 • 8:26 am •
  39. I think that having both the traditional and white wedding concept as a great idea, who said that it should be separate. I do agree that the wedding dress was spoilt with the brown tail, but the deco was perfect the wedding seems as if it was well planned. May you guys enjoy ur lives together as one. GOD Bless


    20 May 2010 • 1:03 pm •
  40. @Rauvia yoh taba e kana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mara guys im here admon takes toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong to moderate!!!!


    20 May 2010 • 3:34 pm •
  41. Where is the blog when you need it most.
    @ the friend who send the pictures, I take it that you are the one with access to the internet….you should have been able to advice your friends better.

    To the couple congrats and all the best with your marriage.


    21 May 2010 • 10:26 am •
  42. PS : When I said that its best to have the bridemaids with same accessories and hairstyles, somebody said they will end up looking like clones. Its better to have clones than have a circus….the different hairstyles and shoes are a big mistake.


    21 May 2010 • 10:40 am •
  43. the pictures are not clear, but i promise if you had seen by yourself it was WOW.THE BROWN AND CREAM WHITE WAS BEAUTIFUL.

    Stop criticising other peoples stuff and wish the best for them, every one do what suits them and what they like.


    21 May 2010 • 2:18 pm •
  44. I agree with u ladies the dress was ayoba but hte tail hell no but the purpose u felt comfortable with ur whiteshweshwe


    22 May 2010 • 12:17 am •
  45. I would like to commend u for the guts to try something new. however, i wish someone had advised u how to do the traditional+white dress combo better, coz as many have said and i agree-your dress looks better without it.im sure ne go na le di-alternative ways tsa go tsenya the shweshwe tse betere.

    the make-up truly cud’ve bn better.Brides must make sure to have a test day of the make up (whether u hire an make-up artist or a friend is doing it) and take photos to see how it looks on camera. I know of some foundations that look ok in person, but once the camera flash goes on….

    nna, im a fan of bridesmaids looking different tho with a common theme.this was good, except for some shoes and the brown, curly,razor cut/mushroom hair style. Brides, it’s ok to tell them that u dont like it or want it. it is YOUR day after all- ideally, they shud pitch their ideas and show them to u b4hand (photos of hairstyles, the shoes, jewellery) and u say yes or no, and they shud stick to the agreement.

    congrats on the wedding and marriage! u look like to really enjoyed it. May u both be blessed with endless happiness!


    24 May 2010 • 5:12 pm •
  46. i was there, the tail, the bride, the hairstyles and the decor all looked very nice and as for the gladiators, no one was wearing those. its just a pity the pictures are not clear. it was a beautiful wedding and well planned.

    Jealous down


    25 May 2010 • 2:13 pm •
  47. Oratile ok we believe u maybe who ever tuk da pics doctored dem,2 make us think dat da wedding lukd hideuous!….again Monei Monei Monei!!!!


    27 May 2010 • 12:11 pm •
  48. Guys this looks Ayoba. May the Lord Bless your Union. I envy you guys. Well planned. Alililili


    28 June 2010 • 1:55 pm •
  49. nice decor mare dress,make up le monna atjhee…hahona taba le nyetse bathong,

    god bless


    22 August 2010 • 4:41 am •
  50. Le lona le shata le le ba bagolo so hai


    15 August 2011 • 2:37 pm •