Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
February 16, 2012

Dineo and Nkosiyethu Sithole

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  1. machu picchu vacation | June 2, 2012

    Dinny says:

    Am loving it, gorgeous wedding gown, beautiful couple, glam glam glam please send more pictures I wanna see full gown,decor,bridesmaids/groomsmen just wanna see it all and God Bless you both and keep you safe very nice indeed

    nunuza says:

    well planned wedding.I love ur dress makoti .

    KWAPZ says:



    MaFloza says:

    Very beaurtiful wedding indeed, May the almighty bless you abundantly,your cake is very different…

    Keabetswe says:

    Jo! Beautiful! I lobe your wedding gown, please indicate the details of where you got it , even if is the import. It looks Wow! More of my style and you are beautiful cc.

    Keabetswe says:

    More pictures please, And your wedding gown is Ayoba, Put details of the designer please

    sisipho says:

    wow wow, makoti you look stuning together with your hubby. please load more photos.

    kholo says:

    wooooow.this is beautigul.

    i know this lady i use to see her around town Polokwane.


    Lorraine says:

    Woooooow what a wedding, everything is perfect girl.

    You look btiful,your make-up, the cake and the groom wooow.

    All the best guys.

    emza says:

    wow you guys looks pretty. more pictures please, the decor.

    mapeloza says:

    congratulations Dineo and Nkosi your wedding looks beautiful, can you please post more pictures. it looks like you outdone yourselves i want to see all your pictures, the decor, bridesmaid, and the grooms please.

    Lolly says:

    This wedding is too good to true. this is what i call perfection wedding of the year. Its like they were shooting for a certain classic magazine. The dress and the cake wooow! mara can post more photos pls. Am speechless God really bless you and respect each other pls. wooow!

    Dike says:

    Beauty at its own best,Makoti please post more pictures.The wedding was well planned and i must say you both suit each other.God bless your union!

    Lulu says:

    I’m out of words. wow

    MrsGlam says:

    Wow beautiful wedding you guys looked gorgeous!! God Bless

    Neoza says:

    Nice wedding well planned, makoti oa bonahala hore o bohlale le a tshwanelana. May the good Lord protect you and bless you

    P says:


    please post your wedding pics if only u can beat this

    Ntoh says:

    wow wow wow, muhle umshado wenu may God bless u guys noma nisincisha izithombe nje

    Dineo says:

    I have never,ever, seen such beauty. A wonderful couple indeed.Girl where are you from ?

    Please enter and enter the bride of th year competion We (me and the rest of the staff watching you) will vote for you.


    Kgopotso says:

    You both look very stuning. All the best in your marriage!

    Nana says:

    Lovely wedding… This is beautiful my lady. Your hubby is sooooo yummylicious, handsome man you have got there. Umbambe ungayeki makoti, you are so on par. God Bless your union..

    dudu says:

    wow u makoti she looks like an angle , buetifully. i luv it but put more pitures

    TJ says:

    Classy, elegant, beautiful! Worth showing off, unlike most other wedding pix that get posted here.

    FIFFY says:

    beautiful wedding indeed….
    more pictures pls

    teboo says:

    Wow, beautiful couple & match made in heaven, your wedding was out of this world. Congrats Mr & Mrs Sithole & God Bless you!

    cebisile says:

    wow beautiful i wish we can see all photos. May the Almighty God bless your marriage.

    Ma-Andi says:


    Nobnob says:

    whaw! this is out of this world, everything is perfect. Are you sure this wedding was at Limpopo? Please send more photos.

    Lady T says:

    Botle fela sesi. God bless you :)

    Tso says:

    Wow!wat a wedding,lovely couple.Dinny may God bless u and hubby

    Ma-love says:

    Beautiful love everything the photos,the dress,the cake and the hubby (Handsome yummi) as for you dear you are sooooooo gorgeous.
    God Bless you marriage.Halalalalala.

    Maphosa says:

    joonah mmawe bana ba Modimo ba botseeee.o kare le ma look hot guys jalouse down bo mo mkhaya.Modimo a le blesse hlee!

    Maphosa says:

    more photo please.di mpheletse inong.Dineo o pila hle le monna wa gago.

    Hlehle says:

    Everything is superb with this wedding. You are both beautiful. Wishing you all the best in your marriage. Put God first everything else will just fall into place.

    azzie says:

    Nibahle shem umona phansi

    mmasello says:

    wow wow wow
    gorgeous..perfect.. God bless you

    sisipho says:

    wow wow sisi I cannot stop looking at your pictures sisi you look stunning.

    The one says:

    Beautiful wedding indeed. You are very pretty and you and hubby look good together. You’ve taken this to another level gal and I hope your marriage is as good and beautiful as your wedding day. Your dress, elegant. I can see the one had thing is in (your dress and the other one posted a few weeks ago (Mogatla and Lesiba’s wedding. You guys are really flying the PLK flag). Hope the brides-to-be are watching and are able to either up or maintain the standard. Hola my hometown PLK hola…keep the flag fying and show other provinces how it is done

    porch says:


    Angel says:

    I salute you girl..everything is wow.. each tym am bored i look at your pics

    thembza says:

    Both of u luk stunny as for the hubby,Dineo pls take care of Nkosiyethu u deserve him shame! Gob bless the togetherness of u guys!

    thembza says:

    Dineo pls take care of Nkosiyethu,May God bless yo wedding Guys both of u luk stunning!

    maself says:

    botse feela tjo, mona fase la rocker.

    TJ says:

    @ Thembza. Uyabheda-ke manje. Is there anybody that does not deserve his or her spouse? If a person decides that their partner is good enough to be their spouse, who are we to rule on whether or not they deserve each other? Are you one of those who go around thinking that they deserve the groom more than the bride herself? Huh? Please, remove that chip on your shoulder! Lastly, what God has joined together, let no (wo)man put asunder! Into yomntu ngeyomntu!

    Tkay says:

    stunning stunning dress

    wezlipy says:

    Too nice & whoever did your photos did a stunning job!!

    Lizzy says:

    Shoooo, beautiful, All the best guys, I need a photographer *nd decor people for my wedding. Can u assist pls? My email address is

    vee-line says:


    Dudu says:

    wow guys nibahle. Uthixo aze anibusisiwe.

    MaDue says:

    Beautiful photography. Nice wedding indeed. BE blessed sesi.

    PEDI says:


    Nana says:

    This is the wedding!!! Woowwww… Makoti your hubby is so handsome shuuuu mommy. *winks* A very well done makoti, you are so beautiful, gorgeous and stunning. Umgcine kahle umyeni wakho and May god richly bless you…

    SWEETYLOVE says:

    More pictures that’s all I can say.

    Pheladi says:

    Lovely pictures! Beautiful bride! Love and light to u both

    D' LADY says:

    beutiful bride, very fine hubby. the cake is beutiful ….I love.

    nqobs says:

    beautiful wedding , halala cc

    Mizzos says: