Baby Khanyi
Baby Khanyi
28 Comments May 2, 2014

Dimakatso & Favourite Maile Wedding

Tebogo was in a taxi to Small Street while looking outside on Elloff and Market street saw Favourite doing her shopping so he had to get off
and approached her and he offered to buy her a t- shirt that she could wear when she was accompanying him to a friend’s house warming on the 1st September 2005 , which she didn’t make it but he was patient and kept calling her after until they agreed to date , 2 years later he paid lobola 23rd June 2007 on Favourite’s Birthday and they tied the knot on the 11th May 2013. The Dress, Décor, Nails were done by Ausie Kedibone from Mapetla East, the hairstyle by Mabuti from white City Jabavu and the cooking by Mamzo from Molapo.

28 Comments on "Dimakatso & Favourite Maile Wedding"

    Bibi says:

    Congrats Makoti and happy union

    Lebo says:

    A go swane!

    beutifull says:

    you are looking great makoti, all the best in your marriage…

    MHHH says:

    Nice wedding mara bridesmaids their outfits are very short for my liking and they make your wedding look very cheap. Short dresses should be left to 16v’s still with fresh thighs. Other ages must dress more respectfully as that indicates class and elegance. Asifuni ukubona abosisi base Oxford Rd emishadweni bandla

    MHHH says:

    OOOhhh I didnt see make up yaakoti is too much. nowadays less is more ladies. Dont force being a yellow bone tuuu

    Adeline says:

    You look gorgeous Makoti though I can’t put together some of the pieces in your story…Congrats on your marriage, wishing you all the best!

    Enza says:

    i am honestly lost for words, where is the cake, the deco, something we can comment on coz i don’t even know what to say about this pics

    lindie says:

    Beautiful dress makoti,however the bridesmaid’s dresses they are totally not appropriate for them

    Nunuza says:

    Congrads my friend, remain humble as you are

    Simiso Msibi says:

    May Jehovah bless your wedding Mr & Mrs Maile.may your love and union last forever. stay blessed angels :) .

    hlatse says:

    not musch to say, just congrats

    Lebc says:

    The dresses for brides maids are too short.the rest no comment because you didnt post pics of ur deco n cake.

    Trueteller says:

    foto ya godimo ga mpete? Diphoto tsa nnete dikae? by the way u look good dear bt the rest NO COMMENT

    Ginababe says:

    U surely didn’t take this day seriously
    Brides maids dresses, totally not Ayoba :(

    Adeline says:

    You were indeed stunning Makoti and the dress fits you so well! However, there’s one thing I don’t understand about your story. Is your husband Tebogo or Limakatso?

    Miss Lee says:

    You looked stunning makoti, mara bouquet hai nna a ke rate.

    muntju says:

    colour theme ke eng? groom why blue? the deco pink an yellow???
    can’t get anything here some one pls help!!

    Zee says:

    congra..nice dress and nice body structure..too much make up..short dresses not a gud idea kontanga yethu emshadweni…bouquet is too much..deco,cake rings? but as long as you were happy abt ur wedding dats all wht matters.God bless ur union.

    kgomotso says:

    beautiful dress but too much make up makoti.

    Adeline says:

    It looks like the weather condition was not favourable hence the bouquet had to be big enough to warm the hands…spreading like the wings!

    Lee says:

    You must just sue the lady who did your make up..You sure look like a corpse.
    Anyway…re a go lebogisha!

    Mrs M says:

    Congratulations makoti.

    Im still trying to figure out the colour scheme or was it rainbow?

    The bouquet was too much, simple and elegant would have complement your look.

    Dark-Angel says:

    Congra Makoti,God Bless ge ele di bride maids ka di mini bona…not ayoba strue

    Nodoli says:

    Yooo did Leselo wake up from the dead.

    Lerato says:

    Ayi makoti, is that a bouquet? ayi no…. dear i love your dress.. but everything was so out. did you pay for ur decor or ur family member did it? whats your colour theme? brides maids? ayi you wasted your money cc shame, you should have just went to home affairs and sign. i cant believe these such weddings kulesikhathi samanje.

    Kuki says:

    ijooo makoti pic 8 okare o phafile ka johnson baby powder
    congrats anywhere………

    Maswazi says:

    Congrats Makoti

    ngwana says:

    page 1 pic 7,who is dat guy.o a mpolaya straight.bouquet ya gago o kare ke kgare.

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