Chris and Lizzy Maseko


  1. Bo botse jo bo kanakanang.
    Well planned wedding, Makoti figure ya gago mme

    O asareng shateee wa duma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations can’t stop looking at the pictures.

    Le tswaraneng gabotse le seke la dumela motho wa boraro a le tsena ka bogare

    Lolly pop

    15 October 2012 • 4:23 pm •
  2. Everything is beatiful..May God bless your marriage…


    15 October 2012 • 4:56 pm •
  3. I love your dress and it is the one I have chosen for my wedding in April, will you give me the contact details of the designer, my e-mail address is


    16 October 2012 • 7:47 am •
  4. Mmmhhhmmmm what a wedding beautiful, gorgeous couple. Makoti your dress was stunning…. nice colour for the groom nd his groomsmen.. Twas a well planned wedding…..God Bless


    16 October 2012 • 8:38 am •
  5. Wow what a wedding, Well planned everything was perfect, we really enjoyed ourselves.Just want to say May God Bless you and your new family. Take good care of each other.


    16 October 2012 • 2:02 pm •
  6. hi lizzy,its Zandi…wow you guys really looked great. and i love the colour…tjo your dress khona i cant believe it looked this great,even better than some of the dresses from Amante.tjo y did i not find that dress first mara??i love i love,congrats again n pls put more pics


    16 October 2012 • 2:34 pm •
  7. nice wedding, makoti figure ya gao ya dibusa straight 🙂


    16 October 2012 • 3:56 pm •
  8. @Lizzy, just to say thanks to the guys who got back to me, am so excited, meeting them this weekend, glad I have not yet bought my dress…@Zandi, I see nawe you very actice Sisi, all the best in your up coming wedding!!!


    18 October 2012 • 10:04 am •
  9. hi MaFloza,ya i am evrywhere i tell you..nakuwe all the best and happy planning, i would advice you to have a diary to write evrything that is happening down so you can recall on all those memories when the wedding is done…and take pics of evrything and paste them there..


    22 October 2012 • 12:00 pm •
  10. Lovely dress gal and you rocked it!

    Zoe Rose

    23 October 2012 • 12:38 pm •
  11. beautiful wedding, love brides dress to bits. bridesmaids looked beautiful as well!! well done.


    25 October 2012 • 8:17 am •
  12. your dress was wooooow….


    26 October 2012 • 3:25 pm •
  13. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


    27 October 2012 • 2:07 pm •
  14. Wow this were my wedding colours love them nice makoti
    God Bless


    30 October 2012 • 1:36 pm •
  15. nice one…i luv uo dress perfect


    30 October 2012 • 2:29 pm •
  16. Nice dress Makoti and I love the decors too

    Miss K

    30 October 2012 • 7:23 pm •
  17. Shooo, beautiful makoti – i love your dress, and the umbrellas (you matched the colours perfectly) nice colour blocking – the groom looks so handsome and the groomsmen perfect – the girls whoawww
    congratulations The Maseko’s. Take care of each other


    30 November 2012 • 9:53 am •