Busi and Musa Maluleke


  1. It’s so evident how inluv u are I hope u stay that way, the brides maid’s dresses are stunning but those neck pieces where really not necessary…….nice wedding. Enjoy your marriage life put God first in everything u do as a couple and u’ll never fail.


    7 March 2011 • 2:13 pm •
  2. Congratulations to you guys. May the Lord grant you all the best and the desires of your heart.

    I love everything about your wedding especially the simplicity in it and the photographer was on point to capture all be beautiful moments.

    Thank you for sharing

    All the Best!!!!!


    7 March 2011 • 2:19 pm •
  3. Beautiful dear….eveything is nice….and you both look Happy.

    God Bless ur union.


    7 March 2011 • 2:25 pm •
  4. hi guy the the wedding was well planned.


    7 March 2011 • 2:36 pm •
  5. Its true when they say when you are inlove and meant for each other you end up looking alike with your partner. Makoti you guys look so much alike, you are so gorgeous, beautiful and i like your dress. Your bridesmaids are on point, this is what is called a wedding. A good photographer did the part and job well done to them.. What a beautiful and wonderful day!!! May God Bless abundantly… Halala!!!!….


    7 March 2011 • 2:37 pm •
  6. Stunning wedding makoti , saw your pics on the Alice Swan website as well , may God bless your union

    Mrs Uweazuoke

    7 March 2011 • 2:38 pm •
  7. Siyakuhalalisela Busisiwe. Kwangathi uthixo angabanawe kuze kube phakade.This was a nice wedding indeed. You are my neighbour unfortunately i had commitments for that day, i couldn’t attend.

    Good luck god bless your marriage.

    Mohlakola Tshabalala


    7 March 2011 • 2:49 pm •
  8. sho sho perfection at its best hey ….. God bless


    7 March 2011 • 2:51 pm •
  9. What a stunning wedding… gr8t photographer

    God Bless


    7 March 2011 • 3:05 pm •
  10. OMG i love everything about this wedding yhoooo well planned wow i love thr main pic……May the good lord bless your marriage till death do you part..


    7 March 2011 • 3:24 pm •
  11. Makoti ur hairstyle is not Ayoba.


    7 March 2011 • 3:36 pm •
  12. Stunning wedding, the best you thing 1 can do for her wedding is to get a proffessional photographer, nothing beats that. Thanks for sharing!


    7 March 2011 • 3:53 pm •
  13. beautiful, n u always smile in ur photoes which is great.


    7 March 2011 • 4:19 pm •
  14. Wow, this is the kind of wedding that get posted on Bride24, very classy & elegant, not to mention the quality of your photos Mr & Mrs Maluleke. Big up to your professional wedding planner & photographer. May the good Lord Bless your union. Tatana Maluleke uhlayisa manana Maluleke. Ndziminavelela ntsako, vutomi, ni kurhula in your marriage life.


    7 March 2011 • 4:47 pm •
  15. Ayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii??????? Makoti you look beautiful. Your man’s suit. Ohhhhh.Good luck to you guys.


    7 March 2011 • 8:08 pm •
  16. @ B nice wedding indeed where is the deco kanthe mare of aal its very nice i don’t wanna lie strue


    7 March 2011 • 10:20 pm •


    8 March 2011 • 7:44 am •
  18. Nice and congratulations. The little girl is so cute. God bless and thank you for sharing. The pictures are not clear.


    8 March 2011 • 7:47 am •
  19. beautiful…… God bless ur marriage


    8 March 2011 • 8:39 am •
  20. Pic 9, 26.27.28…..i looooove…God bles u. it show u had planed it very well


    8 March 2011 • 9:23 am •
  21. Stunning!!!! Love your colour scheme


    8 March 2011 • 9:54 am •
  22. ha ha ha… nice weeding sistarz. ngiyakubongela I like these words:
    A man I call my KING, a friend and my Spiritual reviver became my husband.

    wase uyayona ke pict 4&29 usushuthela emeveni. Ayi asingishayi ngaphakathi lese sasehlathini.


    8 March 2011 • 10:06 am •
  23. Excellent, Bravooooo…. I like it. This’ fabulous. I like pictures no 26 and 27. Le nna wedding yaka ke tlo e dira like this, for sure. May the Almighty Lord bless your marriage.


    8 March 2011 • 10:13 am •
  24. A Modimo a lo tshegofatse bathung! what a beautiful wedding! beatiful colours! the little girl just made my heart melt! would have loved to see more decor pictures though!


    8 March 2011 • 10:16 am •
  25. I wish you all the best in your marriage and may God be with you always, I love pic number 19, shame, so cute. I miss the decorations, please send them


    8 March 2011 • 10:28 am •
  26. I must say this was a beautiful wedding. You were also very creative when taking your photos. May the good Lord bless and keep you in His everlasting grace. Congratulations guys


    8 March 2011 • 10:29 am •
  27. A very nice weeding , it looks like you put a lot of money in this wedding. I must say it is worthy every cent you spend. God bless you.

    The photographer did a good JOB. BIG UP


    8 March 2011 • 10:45 am •
  28. oh my GOD , Ur ring looks beautiful as well . wow i am really impressed .


    8 March 2011 • 10:49 am •
  29. Beautiful, Sassy and Elagant. I love everything as for the deco- Wow!!


    8 March 2011 • 10:55 am •
  30. I was there to witness this union, realy it was wonderful day.They were so stunning and perfect.It is the match made from heaven. Everything was ayoba, i mean the deco and the venue.Finally Busi you are Mrs. Maluleka and submit to your husband and he’ll love you dearly in return, the Bible says so and it is true.GOD bless you guys.


    8 March 2011 • 10:59 am •
  31. NICE ONE


    8 March 2011 • 11:00 am •
  32. nice…


    8 March 2011 • 11:11 am •
  33. Well planned wedding! Very very beautiful sisi… May the gud Lord bless ur union


    8 March 2011 • 12:19 pm •
  34. I can’t get enough of your beautiful photos, this is beauty at its best. Congratulations once more.


    8 March 2011 • 12:22 pm •
  35. congratulations to yuo guys .all the best ,please send me contact number photographer i am getting merried soon.


    8 March 2011 • 12:36 pm •
  36. Wow….state of de art fotography!

    U guys look happy as well….ol de best for ur marriage!


    8 March 2011 • 1:15 pm •
  37. Spot on! this is what is expected from wedding photo’s. Busi and Mosa you’ve outdone yourselves…May God bless you abundantly.


    8 March 2011 • 1:56 pm •
  38. Mixongile swinene manana na tatana Maluleke. You guys look so beautiful together, wish you many more happy years in your marriage. Mihloniphana, nikurhula kuandza! Xikwembu xa tintswalo xi mi katekisa!!!


    8 March 2011 • 3:07 pm •
  39. Lovely, mara la bonal gore le machangane.


    8 March 2011 • 3:10 pm •
  40. Ephesians 3:14-19
    I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth takes its name. I pray that, according to the riches of his glory, he may grant that you may be strengthened in your inner being with power through his Spirit, and that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love. I pray that you may have the power to comprehend, with all the saints, what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Thank you for sharing your special day with us Mr&Mrs Maluleke & God Bless you!!!


    8 March 2011 • 3:35 pm •
  41. Her hairstyle suits her,nice wedding Ngwana!!!!!


    8 March 2011 • 3:45 pm •
  42. Nice, nice, beautiful. Your husband nana mannn hhmmmm, may God bless your wedding, please dont allow the devil to come destroy you guys.


    8 March 2011 • 4:29 pm •
  43. i love your wedding gown beautiful, and you guys look very happy God bless your union


    9 March 2011 • 7:48 am •
  44. Hi Busi,very nice gal and all the best,please send me the details of ur photographer…ziyawa ko dennilton soon..please please..my email pmakgata@yahoo.com


    9 March 2011 • 8:50 am •
  45. More than anything, I love how happy you guys are. You will only keep it up if you put God first. All the best to you both.


    9 March 2011 • 9:11 am •
  46. Stunning everything. Well planned and executed. MONA FATSHE ! Beautiful babay girl on one of the pictures.


    9 March 2011 • 9:33 am •
  47. The photographer really did it nice pics im impressed and Busi God really favoured you guys enjoy your marriage


    9 March 2011 • 11:37 am •
  48. MMMMMMM Nice wedding indeed,but pic no.04 and 29 not ayoba.you both look like museum materials.Seningaze nishuthele ogwadule pho?


    9 March 2011 • 11:53 am •
  49. Beautiful dress but the neckpiece was not ayoba. The colour scheme is so yesterday. The background on the photo’s was not ayoba at all.

    It looks well planned but lacking taste.

    God bless your marriage


    9 March 2011 • 12:52 pm •
  50. Wow I remember this couple they once send their engagement photos.I love the dress and hey they look good together GOD bless your union.


    9 March 2011 • 1:05 pm •
  51. yoooooooo i just love everything bout this wedding. colour combination not bright though but its nice.all the pics are nice.may God bless u in ur marriage.


    9 March 2011 • 2:49 pm •
  52. Young and beautiful. Congratulations guys, everything was well-orginized!!!!


    9 March 2011 • 3:00 pm •
  53. perfection!!

    mis c

    9 March 2011 • 3:18 pm •
  54. Nice wedding, mara the bra on one of your bridemaids was not ayoba.


    10 March 2011 • 10:56 am •
  55. This is beautiful…. My jaw is still on the ground. Love the colours. I’ve never seen a wedding that has rocked natural colours like this.



    10 March 2011 • 10:57 am •
  56. Wow..this is probably the best wedding pictures I have ever seen around. You guys look really beautiful and happy. May God bless you marriage and to the beautiful bride, I advise that you find a book called “Fascinating Womanhood” it will bless your life. You can find it at any well recognised book shop.

    May God bless you in all you do, and stay in prayer.


    10 March 2011 • 11:55 am •
  57. Wow!!what a beautiful wedding..very nice and simple.God bless your marriage Ausi


    10 March 2011 • 3:43 pm •
  58. This is beautiful, i love your dress. please post the deco photo’s.GOD bless you.


    10 March 2011 • 3:51 pm •
  59. Beautiful wedding. Jelous down.


    10 March 2011 • 8:08 pm •
  60. good looking groom and the bride God bless the family


    11 March 2011 • 8:39 am •
  61. nice photos,thanks for sharing.


    11 March 2011 • 9:25 am •
  62. Beauty beauty beauty and haleluja to the photographer


    11 March 2011 • 9:33 am •
  63. Thank you all for your postive comments.


    11 March 2011 • 12:20 pm •
  64. Nice wedding, congrats gal

    @Nosipho, thats a good advice, I concur with you.


    11 March 2011 • 1:47 pm •
  65. I witnessed this union and it was an elegant and wonderful wedding I’ve ever witnessed. Everything was perfect, I mean from venue, dress to deco. It is a match made from heaven. Mrs. Maluleka respect your Hubby and He’ll love you dearly in return. Be example to youngsters and God bless you guys.


    11 March 2011 • 2:00 pm •
  66. very nice i like it WOOOW


    11 March 2011 • 3:13 pm •
  67. wow buti musa u have grown ani nga ku tivi, congrats my friend the wedding was superb n ur beautiful wife.

    enny maswanganyi

    12 March 2011 • 11:03 am •
  68. Wow wow wow, stunning reaLly. God bless.


    12 March 2011 • 4:57 pm •
  69. Picture no26 it’s AYOBA


    14 March 2011 • 9:10 am •
  70. Stunning you did justice to your wedding day. Every snapshot tells a story.

    Swi sasekile


    14 March 2011 • 11:20 am •
  71. Beautiful wedding! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Maluleke on your matrimony, I wish you all of the best and May the good Lord Richly Blesses You. Thanks for sharing


    14 March 2011 • 1:00 pm •
  72. Beautiful,Beautiful wedding, You are my neighbour unfortunately i did’nt hear about the wedding
    May God bless you and your husband.


    15 March 2011 • 2:44 pm •
  73. Wow tooooo beautiful I a out of words!!!!!


    15 March 2011 • 4:11 pm •
  74. wowww d pics are classy…nd u guys are looking great…..


    16 March 2011 • 9:48 am •
  75. May God bless your marriage!


    17 March 2011 • 11:59 am •
  76. Perfect wedding, well planned as well….. God Bless Mr and Mrs Maluleke


    18 March 2011 • 9:38 am •
  77. Beatifull Wedding nice and stunning!!! May the good bless you guys


    18 March 2011 • 1:18 pm •
  78. I loved this wedding, picture were pretty, the colour coordination was great. The dresses were amazing. Congradulations Mr and Mrs Maluleke hope you have a blissful marriage…


    22 March 2011 • 10:34 am •
  79. may god bless you in all family.god bless you marriage and to the beautiful bribe


    24 March 2011 • 10:59 am •
  80. Our photographers name was Alice Swanepoel. Her website is http://www.aliceswan.com
    You can view her other work there, her contact details and also you would find more pictures of my wedding.


    25 March 2011 • 10:43 am •
  81. BEAUTIFUL….. le nna ke nyaka lenyalo le le so ,Ausi o tshwere style ,beautiful rings


    26 March 2011 • 11:25 am •
  82. as a wedding photograper i would like to tell you that it was so wise of you to get a pro like this.this album tells us that the wedding was so good.Modimo a le godise le be rich ka bophelo bjo bobotse le bana ba bohlale.


    28 March 2011 • 12:29 pm •
  83. Eish, some people are so lucky, i wish i could afford a wedding like yours guys. Congratulations and take care of each other. The only third person you should allow in your marriage should be GOD.


    28 March 2011 • 1:11 pm •
  84. lets take note here and learn..a wedding doesnt have to be extravaganza with bling bling..simple lesson: get a good place, the professional photographer and a good weather and bang you have got story that you are not shy to tell anyone anywhere in the world. Beautiful wedding and please give me tips on photographics, venue and confectionary selection. I am contemplating on tieing a knot and certainly your wedding pics makes it possible for me. May you be blissful, happy with lots of fullfilments in marital life. I love it!


    30 March 2011 • 11:52 am •
  85. Im so inlove with this couple. This is still the most outstanding wedding pictures i have ever seen on this blog & i enjoy your pictures everyday & you just make my day.


    31 March 2011 • 12:31 pm •
  86. This is perfection personified! It is clear you took your time and you knew what you wanted, and it looks like it came out exactly as you wanted! My prayer is that 20 years from now, we should see beautiful pictures of your anniversary, giving thanx to God for preserving your marriage! Stay in God’s presence, and that is possible! Congratulations!!


    31 March 2011 • 3:11 pm •
  87. one of the best photo portraits. well done.


    1 April 2011 • 8:23 pm •
  88. Hi who was your photographer, i need a photographer around Nelspruit Mpumalanga


    5 April 2011 • 2:27 pm •
  89. Hi
    This is the most beautifull weeding pictures ive ever seen may god bless you into this future and bless you with lot andlots of children and may he hold you in his heart, bless every second of your marraige thruogh out. can you please provide me your photographer’s contacts please, my daughter is getting married late this year and i need to talk to him please, please, please May the love of GOD and his holy spirit flow overthetwo of you. AMEN


    7 April 2011 • 8:42 am •
  90. Wow beautiful wedding and pictures! Looks very well planned! I went to varsity with Musa and just thought the people looked familiar!
    COngratulations and may God Bless your union!

    Lady T

    7 April 2011 • 11:51 am •
  91. guys i have looking at your wedding pictures and the quality of these pictures is just phenomanal…this in deed was an beauitful wedding.WHO DID THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF THIS WEDDING?????


    8 April 2011 • 8:29 am •
  92. this is the work of the Lord wedding… you were awesome, beautiful lovely!


    11 April 2011 • 3:38 pm •
  93. I must say i am very nice wedding expecialy having a veil over ur face thats something i havent seen in a long time


    14 April 2011 • 7:38 am •
  94. Beautifull wedding pics, big up to the photographer. All the best to the couple 🙂


    14 April 2011 • 10:28 am •
  95. Guyys wow! I never comment in any of the weddings i just review. Big up to the photography, the photos are so good. you organise everyone in a very good manner, the still is of magazines, the rings wow!
    i wish the life you now live guys is as good as this wedding. May God bless!


    14 April 2011 • 3:49 pm •
  96. Wow the pictures are awesome!Big up to the photographer.


    15 April 2011 • 2:10 pm •
  97. Wow! your wedding was perfect and you did a very good job with a
    proffessional photographer well done and God bless you, can please have photographer number Hleee!


    15 April 2011 • 3:28 pm •
  98. Love the wedding, the couple and the photography. Kuhle kakhulu. May the Lord Bless and keep you. I was blessed by this couple. May the Blood of Jesus cover your marrige always!

    Lady T

    18 April 2011 • 2:13 pm •
  99. The details of the Photographer
    Alice Swanepoel
    cell : 079 571 5076
    fax : 0866 566 315
    web : http://www.aliceswan.com

    Busi Maluleke

    21 April 2011 • 3:28 pm •
  100. Hi Busi
    Thank you so much for the details of the photographer i will definately call now. good luck in your marraige girl!!!!!!


    28 April 2011 • 1:56 pm •
  101. Hi Busi
    Thank you so much for the details of the photographer i will definately call now. thanks bye.


    28 April 2011 • 1:57 pm •
  102. Wow guys- thats all i can say- Im wowed – i hope the marriage is as perfect as the wedding was guys, all the best


    29 April 2011 • 11:33 am •
  103. Busi no Musa, this is by far the most beautiful wedding the love u 2 feel and share is so visible its almost tangible. I wish u all the best with your “king and spitual reviver” big up guys.


    11 May 2011 • 9:51 am •
  104. This is toooooooooo beautiful, i love it:)


    12 May 2011 • 9:02 am •
  105. wow, elegance was really da order of da day, beautiful people, everything was juz perfect. May the good Lord richly bless u

    Miss E

    16 May 2011 • 8:44 am •
  106. Congrats, one of the best weeding photos I have seen!


    20 May 2011 • 3:33 pm •
  107. Woooooooooooooooooow Your wedding


    2 June 2011 • 1:17 pm •
  108. nice 1


    9 June 2011 • 2:50 pm •
  109. oooosh woooow guyz u look so beutiful, i like your ring makoti actually everything


    15 June 2011 • 11:30 am •
  110. oooooh bathong thank u for sharing


    21 July 2011 • 4:21 pm •
  111. of all the photos i’ve seen in this block. this is the best ever may you enjoy your wedding Ntate cause the Lord entrusted you with the bone of your bones to ensure that there is abundence in every aspect to life not only meterial or romantic but SPIRITUAL as well

    obed odelle

    11 August 2011 • 12:26 pm •
  112. Wow m stunned! Yooh,pic 26 is really nice…ELEGANCE


    11 August 2011 • 10:48 pm •
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