Thato relebogile Morodi
Thato relebogile Morodi
16 Comments May 29, 2014
Soccer star Benni McCarthy, tied the knot in the weekend. The former Bafana Bafana striker exchanged vows with Scottish model in Edinburgh, Scotland.Benni, 36, flew his close relatives and friends for the lavish affair Judging from his new wife’s Pinterest page, she had big plans for her wedding dress and décor. See more photos on Sundayworld at


16 Comments on "Benni McCarthy’s Wedding"

    Katz says:

    Can we get more pics to look at….

    Ralodza says:

    Lol hai……the thing that the bride is holding it is a bouquet????? I just love the flower girl ya bona fela felo mo

    Zimu says:

    Bennie is so round yooh , with that skirt I thought he was the bride. hahahah drag queen

    Miss O says:

    #rolling my eyes… where is Mandoza’s wedding?

    ngwana says:

    dead ka bouquet ya makoti

      Replied to ngwana

      Miss O says:

      hahahahahaha!!!! i missed that

    TT says:

    Haa hai maan was this really a wedding guys..clap once

    Nnete ya baba!! says:

    so Benney o latlha culture ya gaabo o apara ya gaabo mosadi?????

    zalanjalo says:

    No guys that can’t be a bouquet maybe its the baby’s toy.

    Khomotso says:

    Nothing interesting here but the flower girl is cute though. Dead by the bouquet*******dibloggers mara tltltltltltltl

    kaykay says:

    i thought Bennis wife is a model,joo da dress…..aowa

    sbonah says:

    Tjo! The dress looks like twas bought from the pawn shop. Ay-ke, as for the boquet um jst speechless!!!

    don says:

    Does Benni have any culture?

    natasha says:

    ijoo, no no no – benny is lost, is that a wedding? the flower gal so adorable, mom and dad….. a big fail.

    natasha says:

    ijooo, no no no….the wedding is a big fail, the flower gal is so adourable…mom and dad a big NO

    jaque says:

    mokgonyana le makoti aowaaaa….. te baby so adorable

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