Aluwani and Ndinannyi Ralukake’s Wedding


  1. oh what a wedding. your photos looks really nice. especially the cake

    Andiswa Thwala

    26 June 2009 • 2:47 pm •
  2. What a wedding, WOW, as a man who is planning to tie a knot soon, i am stunned by the suit, gown and the CAKE wow, i will print them for me to learn from them

    Leutle R

    29 June 2009 • 4:22 pm •
  3. i like the wedding dress, if possible can i please have more photos of it


    1 July 2009 • 4:07 pm •
  4. oh my God, i think the wedding was very nice. when one look at the bride dress and the bridemates, they look amazing

    nemadodzi ndidzulafh

    2 July 2009 • 1:50 pm •
  5. Alu you have chosen the perfect colours, they do match but your maids are too many


    3 July 2009 • 1:25 pm •
  6. hi Kholofelo. can you please send me your email adress so that i can send the dress photos

    Aluwani Makherana

    3 July 2009 • 3:53 pm •
  7. Lufuno, did you really have to comment on Aluwani’s number of maids? it was her day,it shows that she is surrounded by people that love her. Aluwani, my dear you looked stunning.


    6 July 2009 • 9:59 am •
  8. Was every body supposed to be the brides maid? 🙂 But I like the colures . may good bless you both and have fun.


    6 July 2009 • 10:52 am •
  9. Guys your wedding was very beautifull, and to me you looke so good together, you were born for each other guys. May the good Lord shower you with more love and happy days oops and beautifull babies.


    7 July 2009 • 10:58 am •
  10. the wedding gown,the dresses,the cake, the suit everythin was beautiful but the bridesmaid aowa they were too many o kare ke choir,did everybody want to be the bridesmaid?btu nevertheless everything was perfect.GOD bless your marriage!


    13 July 2009 • 1:40 pm •
  11. This couple looks very bright and breezy and beautiful. Niyafanelana, keep smiling. Abakhaphi abaningi kangaka… way too much.


    15 July 2009 • 9:57 am •
  12. Guyz your wedding photos looks so wonderful,i’m so impressed with the colours you used,i’m planning to get married soon.i wish my photos can look nice like yous too!! You guyz look good!! May God bless!!


    28 July 2009 • 10:16 pm •
  13. Nice pics & colour co-ordination but too many bridesmaids.


    26 January 2010 • 10:53 am •
  14. Aluwani you are a very luck girl do you know that???i mean to find someone that loves you so much it’s a blessing,respect you man and love him,i so wish i can get married someday to a man that loves ad adore me.good luck ntomazane all the best for the future.


    5 July 2010 • 1:16 pm •
  15. What planet is the bride from? The dress is not ayoba. This comes once in a life time.You should have tried harder. The groom is better than bride


    23 November 2010 • 11:30 am •
  16. Babsi she comes from planet Earth and whatever is ayoba to you might not be ayoba to her. so stop critising and get a life

    Andiswa thwala

    3 December 2010 • 2:48 pm •