Orefile & her sister Omolemo
Orefile & her sister Omolemo
32 Comments November 12, 2013
Our wedding day was on 8 & 9 October, 2011. Recently it was our second anniversary, and therefore, we have decided to share more photos with the Sowetan LIVE readers, to celebrate our anniversary with them. Sowetan LIVE says: Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Molefe.. 


32 Comments on "Thabiso and Zandile Molefe"

    TeeTee says:

    Nice- nice, congrats! please send more photos especially deco, cake and bridesmaid

    hlatse says:

    nice wedding

    Florah says:

    Happy Anniversary…Wish you both all that is wonderful and may God bless your union.

    Puleng says:

    Nice nice wedding God bless u.

    Julia says:

    Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Molefe. Nice colour combination but where’s the deco,bridesmaid and groommaids,etc?

      Replied to Julia

      Thabiso & Zandile Molefe says:

      Thank you kindly….we will load later on.

      Replied to Julia

      Thabiso & Zandile Molefe says:

      Thank you kindly….

    Fundi says:

    Happy Anniversary Molefe’s!

    Miss K says:

    I love Makoti’s dress……nice

      Replied to Miss K

      Thabiso & Zandile Molefe says:

      Thank you kindly….she loves you too

    lady d says:

    nice wedding. May God bless you

    Ana says:


    kgadi says:

    makoti o portable.Beautiful n nice.Good luck

    K-Fever!! says:

    Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aftr much drama da blog is back….

    Makoti roko ya gao e pila dats all I can say.

    thendo says:

    may god give you many days together….

    tk says:

    nice makoti

    Thabiso & Zandile Molefe says:

    Thank you all for the positive remarks…may you be richly blessed in all that you do….

    God Bless

    The Vu says:

    Very beautiful guys,keep on loving one another.

    zaza says:

    niyafanelana, I wish you many more years to come

    Miss Lee says:

    beautiful dress, mara g ae le neck piece yona, o kare ke sefaga sa bana sa meno.

      Replied to Miss Lee

      AMOGELANG says:


    tumi says:

    may God bless your wedding and have a long life together. you look beautiful and happy. keep it up.

    sue says:

    mnnn as long as o nyetswe maar lenyalo le ke zama zama

    gugu says:

    nice photos but send more photo please

    Mavovo says:

    very beautiful and young couple. All the best guys.

    Prosper says:

    Very cute wedding

    Tkay says:

    Nice dress but purple not a good colour

    thoko says:

    WoW like the dress ……! Beautiful dress makoti

    rea says:

    nice wedding, new wedding blog with amazing weddings at http://www.purepearlsluxuryevents.co.uk

    sue says:

    woow da dress

    Diva! says:

    They look beautiful together, wishing them joy and lots of children. was there any cake at this wedding? did anyone see the groom’s men? where are the bride’s maids and their dresses?

    phesi says:

    perfect couple ,le a swanelana wow

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