Philile Peter and Nomakhwezi Liso Magida’s Wedding

Met by fate on my birthday on the 29 March 2010 at small town of Berlin, East London Eastern Cape, we were both travelling to town at around about 11:30 am. I was stressed having financial troubles with my bank and was home for only a weekend with long list of To Dos before flying back to Cape Town as things stood it all seemed I wasted my time by going home that long weekend, my fone was also not charging.

I was on my way to town again and could not call any of my friends to pick up since my fone was dead and had to hike. As I was standing there comes this dark tall and slender lady looking lost or in deep thoughts, she stood far away from me. When the taxi stopped only me n her were going same route of all people standing there. That’s when we started chatting and gave her my numbers although I was not sure if she will call. Eventually after many days she gave a call and that was the start of our many calls.

She first visited me on the same day as the opening game of FIFA WC2010 game by end of it we both flew to my place in Cape Town and since then we were never separated until I proposed 2012 and married in 24 April 2015 and traditional wedding was on the 25 March 2016.

The caterer and the cake came from Max BnB in East London where our wedding took place. Designer was a Nigerian guy from Claremont.

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