Orefile & her sister Omolemo
Orefile & her sister Omolemo
32 Comments November 12, 2013

Mr & Mrs Zwane

We would like to share our special moments during our wedding that took pace on the 31st August 2013 at Tsakane, Brakpan.

32 Comments on "Mr & Mrs Zwane"

    SupaW says:

    I love your traditional outfit makoti, may God bless your marriage.

    Julia says:

    Beautiful wedding makoti! Y ppl ba rata too many brides and groom maids so mara?

    Fundi says:

    The cream roses that are your centrepiece are too stunning for words

    Zinhle says:

    Beautiful wedding God bless…..

    kgadi says:

    God bless your wedding.It was beautiful

    K-Fever!! says:

    Ga ke kgatlhe ke sepe mo…n this luks pics sent in by som1 other than the bride and groom!!SOWETAN YOU REALLY NEED TO CURB THIS PROBLEM MAAN, STOP POSTING PICS SENT IN BY THE COUPLE RE LAPILE BYNAONG!

    Adel says:

    All I can see is an exceptionally beautiful bride, congrats on your marriage Sisi, take care of your hubby!

    Brother Augus says:

    My beloved sister as you were celebrating your day. Haaimaan you and the groom were looking I mean “WOW”. May the presence of the Lord Be with you in greater measure. Than it ever has before. And know that we appreciate. All the little things you did to make your special memorable. And know that God is well pleased. And is smiling down on you. I pray that this marriage will warm your heart forver. And may God’s warmth not ever depart for all year round and the years ahead. May you find in family & friends God’s love is shared. Have a blessed marriage!!!


    possess says:

    maar when was the wedding?i cant see the chairs clearly maar it seems like ke tsele tse di coveriwang.mayb the wedding ke ya last year.well, congrats

    K-Fever!! says:

    Great now that the blog is back they are not posting my comments……….

    Mmalelapa says:

    Congratulations on your wedding and may the Almighty God bless your marriage Mr & Mrs Zwane, and makoti, your dress suits you perfectly.

    Just a few misses, napkins as underplates, the groom’s hair, main table too crowded and the bridal party, way too many people.

    Wowomuzi says:


    Miss Lee says:

    Beatiful centre piece, where is the cake????

    Miss K says:

    nice wedding congratulations hhay mara the grooms hair hahahahaha aykhona nie

    oratile says:

    love the flowers

    gibson says:

    beutiful wedding,all the best

    Rethabile says:

    Congradulations!! what a beautifull wedding in deed! nice pics and beautiful decor. all the best.

    Prosper says:

    The wedding dress is not bad at all. Not sure about the groomsmen’s outfits.

    Tkay says:

    Hey..yaaa neee

    Lebo says:

    wish you the best of luck in your marriage.

    didnt like the decor and everything is just simple, perhaps its bcs you displaced few pictures

    Veronica says:

    love your tradition girl beautiful

    MAKOTI says:

    Shuuuuuu ja neh!!! Ngumshado lo

    slaapie says:

    Eish too many bridesmaid and groommaids but it was a great wedding so far.

    Nthabs says:

    Roses are perfect. Too many bride’s and groom’s maid. Food no

    wendu says:

    very beautiful wedding, beautiful tradition attire, love it

    Nolita says:

    May the Almighty bless your union.

    hlohlo says:

    happy newyear guys im from a wedding ka saty jooo no mokgonyana joo

    Trueteller says:

    Then the groom are betha ka ‘Makulastyle”? congrats on your wedding

    Diva! says:

    I love the wedding gown, reminds me of a baptism dress – very simple. cant say much for the groom and his men – nothing to write home about. the decor is very basic – the focus was probably on the entire wedding party – too many people.the most important thing is that he loved you enough to ‘put a ring on it’ – may you be happy and blessed.

    Boyza ke Bafana says:

    Nice wedding…

    Ntsiki says:

    May the Good Lord bless your marrige, nice wedding.

    phesi says:

    she was trying to cover both families with groom’s and maid.

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