Orefile & her sister Omolemo
Orefile & her sister Omolemo
81 Comments July 18, 2013

Mr and Mrs Motlhaga

81 Comments on "Mr and Mrs Motlhaga"

    Mama kaThotho says:

    this is a breath of fresh air compareed to the other weddings we have been seeing in this blog for a past couple of days.
    This is trully beautiful , well done Makoti. atleast someone listens when we tell the brides to invest in professional photographers. I wish you can post more pictures so we can see your decor.
    By the way, your hubby is hot!!

      Replied to Mama kaThotho

      koketso says:

      @ mama ka Thoto post urs with Thoto’s dad..GEEZ

    Miss Lee says:

    beautiful everything except the hairstyle…

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      Ginababe says:

      true dear, *total flop*

      Replied to Miss Lee

      kgolo says:

      true that.the hair style looks 60s

    Miss K says:

    Now we are talking. Thank you baga Motlhaga for beautiful pics
    A modimo a le dire ka go loka.

    Minazo says:

    I am really disappointed that I wasn’t invited to such a beautiful wedding, everything is perfect you guys really knew what you were up to. May God continue to bless you because you are already blessed.

    Lizo says:

    Beautiful wedding indeed , may God bless you so much.

    Hlokzi says:

    Eish this really realy perfect

    Zaza says:

    This is what we are looking for when we open this page. Lovely pictures, yr wedding was beautiful. All the best for the future

    muntju says:

    One word…BEAUTIFUL
    Looks like someone had planned their wedding!!

    K-fever! says:

    as in lyk wooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…..frm wat i can see here everythn luks nyc taba fela re kopa more formal pics dat will allow us to enjy dis wedding.

    Bontle e le tota…big ups ba ga Motlhaga.

    KELEBOGILE says:

    wow….u all look great!!!, nice pics

    Mukololo says:

    mmm wat a beautyful wedding, everything was just perfect. May God bless ur union

    khumo says:

    Seems to have been well planned and organised. This is a wedding that was budgeted for and did not happen by accident like the others I’ve seen. I would however, have loved to see the cake, the decor and the bridal party all together. Congratulations, I also wish I had been invited even though I don’t know you guys…lol

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      thabang says:

      haaa, every thing perfect but hair style makoti

    Olga says:

    OMG! You look wow! The wedding was beautiful and may God bless ur family always.

    Rebone Morena says:

    Congratulations hey. I am very happy for you.

    A Modimo a be le lona mo lenyalong. May he bless you ale okeletse matsatsi. A le tshwaraneng ka lerato le godisaneng.


    Mrs Motlhaga says:

    It seems like the is a limit of pictures they upload as some of the pictures you would like to see i sent but were not uploaded with the rest. Thank you for the well wishes and it is by the grace of God that everything was the way it was. Also wish you guys were there to celebrate with us.

      Replied to Mrs Motlhaga

      Katey says:

      You look so familliar… but I cannot place your face. Anyway, your wedding was beautiful. You made such a beautiful bride. May the God Almighty bless your union.

    Madiba R. says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful day, beautiful ppl and most importantly beautiful couple. I did not have a good time… I had “a time that was good”, lol. Thanx and God bless – we shall follow coz we inspired, from Bee and Myself.

    B2 says:

    WOW’ IMPRESSIVE!! Just 1 thing thou, makoti’s hair-do……heeeish ake sure, but otherwise 1 of thee best weddings on this blog. Congrats guyz’

    FG says:

    Your wedding was perfect and out of this world. You guys were beutiful , Congrats. May God bless your marriage.

    Lebo says:

    Professional photography obscures things that are not well & this advice is given all the times in this blog. Here it is, seeing is believing. B2, the hairstyle ha e ntshe. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Motlhaga, u had a beautiful wedding!!

    Ndo says:

    Meriri ya makoti yona nooooooo!!! mara EVERYTHING else was PERFECT. Congrats

    Fundi says:

    Beauty at its best! For a moment I was worried about Makoti’s hairdo – but what the heck! Everything else is just perfect

    Khuterere says:

    what a wedding, stuunnniiinnnggg thank you. May the High God keep you blessed….

    Thabo Selepe says:

    It was amazing. Everything was good, food, the couple, people. Everything. I loved it… Congrats and all the best guys

    Miss Tee says:

    So beautiful Makoti, wish to see more pics.Gob bless.

    Mfishane says:

    If I knew where this lady is I would go steal her. She is damn beautiful. The pictures are clearly done by a professional;beautiful. Sowetan should only publish wedding pictures like these. Congratulations Lesego and Eulander.

    Zizi says:

    Wow it’s so beautiful nibahle nonke. Congrats all the best may the good God bless you guys

    lady j says:

    beautyfull wedding makaoti, would have loved to see more pic, esp the decor and cakes.but the hair do ai its a nooooo for me, but u hubby wena uyababa shame

      Replied to lady j

      lady j says:

      finger error, should have read makoti

    Trueteller says:

    Makoti’s hair di is a nonono for me, but the rest looks perfect.Congrats makoti

    Mam'Mvelase says:

    God Bless, God Bless,God Bless!!! Remember to always live your marriage by the fruit of the spirit “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! –Galatians 5:22-23

    cloey says:

    a very beautiful weding.

    I wouldl liek to see decor and cake, etc. I am sure i can get good pointers.

    God bless

    NAPS says:


    ndo says:

    Evrything can be beautiful and excelent, but there will always be a “MARA”. The wedding was beautiful, Mara hairstyl yamakoti, its a no no. May God bless your union!!

    Tebo26 says:

    Big ups to this wedding. Simple but smart, well organised, 15/10 :)

    Shaz says:

    Hairstyle is a NO NO.

    Sthe says:

    For Best photos like this try http://www.mpikoko.co.za wedding photographer

    matsatsi namathe says:

    Beautiful weddings god bless u guys

    Miss Thang says:

    beautiful, elegant, classy. ooh, i’m running out of words. but you shouldn’t have done that hairstyle for a wedding. it’s too ordinary. that’s the only thing I destructed my focus. congrats makoti. enjoy your marriage.

    Reba says:

    Ka ba ga galla go nyala…

    Nti says:

    Mr & Mrs Motlhaga well done.
    You wedding was beautiful. All the best

    Nthabi says:

    Beautiful wedding dear, I like your colour scheme, stunning. All the best in your marriage life.

    mo2 says:

    thanks to the professional photographer everything looks good,i jst hope the decor, cake & everything else is not as bad as makoti’s hairstyle & dress

    Veronica says:

    Wow what a beautiful wedding indeed. Looking lovely and your hubby is hot girl.
    Congratulations and respect each other. God bless

    wedding blogger says:

    beautiful wedding. the groom is handsome!

    TKay says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! We have been waiting for this in a long time. This is so beautiful, well thought of and planned. A professional photographer made the whole event to be breath taking

    Future Brides please take some notes here.

    Tsepza says:

    wow that red shines so beautiful Mrs Motlhaga you do a taste on your decor and hubby

    Nthabibi says:

    Ashh i dont know what to say lenyalo la lona leletle but kannetenete haistyle ya makoti yona for nna is big NO No No

    Zen says:

    beautiful wedding and mmmh mmmh mmmh your hubby is sooooo yummy– you are lucky shame

    pp says:

    mokgonyana is yummy and dresses very well.the wedding is also perfect.loving this.

    GRACE says:

    Beautiful wedding indeed,congradulations and all the best

    kaykay says:

    Beautiful weedign indeed.makotis hairdo is nt ayooba nt even close,bt evrythng ws super.God bless

    Gontse Mokori says:

    NcOooooOoooooh! U gUys are amazing _ mAy dE lOrd bleSs u tO gRow Old tOgethEr. URe the bEst cOuple ever. # kissEs

    Maria says:

    Wow,I get goose bums when I took a glimpse on this pics . I’m speechless . You looked stunning guys . I hope you wished you could look this everyday . Julle is mooi man ! (Pragtig) for sure I went through this foto a million times in one day . Amazing in short that’s how u looked on that day.

    peter says:

    not child’s play to plan a wedding and i know Motlanalo & Lesego were hands-on.it payed off.I was there :-) )

    Thosav says:

    Simple and elegant you go Mma Motlhaga…..Nevermind the hairdo you were beautiful and the hubby too mhhh Handsome, lovely wedding well planned and we had fun……wishing u all da best and in a mirriage never allow the Nonsense “Monna ke selepe ” in the olden days he’s your Medal….

    Mrs Motlhaga says:

    It was a really blessed day and we were also celebrating 9 years of being together. We appreciate and thankful for the support we got from our guests, family members and friends who came to celebrate with us(especialy those who were there when it all began). Thanking sowetan bloggers for taking their time to comment (negative or positive). And not forgetting sowetan for uploading my pictures so that i can share these with family and friends, you just limited the job of going around with our wedding album to show friends and family. Thank you again.

      Replied to Mrs Motlhaga

      K-fever! says:

      Congradulations Mrs Motlhaga…..

      Replied to Mrs Motlhaga

      Miss Mokwena says:

      Can i please have the contact details of your photograher,

      please send to portiamo@mcmotor.co.za


      Replied to Mrs Motlhaga

      Florah says:

      Congratulations once again. from what im seeing it looks like it was a well planned wedding. but its actually hard to say it was a one hell of a wedding when u didnt share formal pictures (recption decor and cake) and im sure you do have them. May God bless you and your husband and may you two always remeber the vows you took.

      Replied to Mrs Motlhaga

      Nops says:

      congratulations on your wedding and may God bless u more.

    Amantle Phefo says:

    Heeee banna, Mkhanya bathong- Mr Motlhaga represented Moruleng on the other side, a bontle bo bo kalo. COngrats guys and wish you all the best on your wedding! Kgabo!!!!

    zish says:

    @mfishane – y dont we try and find these people coz mna ndifuna la ndoda, yhu yhini Yesu, wamhle umfana. otherwise great wedding you guys.

    Katlee says:

    Everything looks perfect. May you always be surrounded with love.

    Who designed your bridesmaid dresses? please send me their details if you don’t mind.

      Replied to Katlee

      Mrs Motlhaga says:

      Hi, give me your email address so i can send you the details.

    Galfrend says:

    Makoti’s hairstule…haikhona !

    But EVERYTHING was on point !

    Congratulations !

    hle says:

    well planned nibahle kodwa ihairstyle kamakoti its a no no…..

    Puleny says:

    YOU guys look beautiful,mara Makoti hairstyle is not Ayoba…..

    Neo says:

    Beautiful indeed e seng metlholo e re e boning mo.The groom is cute joh makoti o sentse fela ka hairstyle but otherwise your wedding was beautiful,may God bless your union

    thash says:

    Very classy all the best

    kixs says:

    yidla mfana ukudla kwakho

      Replied to kixs

      Gugzen says:

      God bless both of you and the rest of the family,very classy makoti u hot.

    dee says:

    beatiful wedding.. want to see the deco

    Makoti o bontsha boitumelo…that s good

    but hairstyle..not ayoba

    well done

      Replied to dee

      Mrs Motlhaga says:

      It was a happy day for me i even cried when making my speech. Yep i cried Now watching the video eish its not ayoba…

    T says:

    Congradulations Mr & Mrs Motlhaga this is beautiful when you guys started back then @ Tuks I thought you are just playing but ja it was real.

    Take care of each other guys, love you!

    Mashishi K.A says:

    Nice one, I am loving this

    T says:

    Congrats guys and all the best, what you guys started back then @ Tuks was real.

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