Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months
58 Comments January 16, 2014

Mr and Mrs Mkhatshwa

58 Comments on "Mr and Mrs Mkhatshwa"

    PMoney says:

    this i mst say was a perfect wedding except for da cake… All the best to you guys.

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      oratile says:

      Thank you Pmoney

    Miss O says:

    i love the brides maids dresses!!!!!

    need more pics, not a fan of the wedding gown but you look beautiful

      Replied to Miss O

      oratile says:

      thank you Miss O, more picture on our facebook pages. Mkhatshwa Moss and Oratile Jane Mkhatshwa

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        Mphonyana.... says:

        Hi Ora pls drop me n email ke batla di contacts or address where ur hubby works interested in his work coz im planning a wedding…

        Replied to oratile

        Semomo says:

        @Oratile, thanks a lot for the digits.

    Miss K says:

    I think this was one of the weddings that was on Perfect wedding 2nd season if I am not mistaken…..Nice

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      Miss O says:

      yes, i thought i recognised the dresses

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      Ntsiki says:

      Yes it was, one of the best…

    kgadi says:

    I like your dress & ona le smile ,beautiful bridesmaid.Everything was perfect.Enjoy lenyalo la gago.

      Replied to kgadi

      oratile says:

      thank you kgadi

    locust says:

    owesome wedding

    dk says:

    Yes this was at our Perfect Wedding , nice wedding

    Diva! says:

    The groom is absolutely handsome and the bride is pretty. I love the colour combination, not too overwhelming and blends in very well with the surroundings. Beautiful wedding and wishing them a beautiful life together.

    DeeKay says:

    Wow,I love the colour combination This was Fabulous

    Phophi says:

    Makoti and Mkhonyana le bantle! Congratulations. Makoti your dress is beautiful and suits you. The brides maids look nice and elegant. Why such few pictures? Where’s the decor and cake?

    Ekwanna says:

    Nice and Elegant. Congratulations

    NONKU says:

    beautiful wedding indeed ….. congrats and good luck on your marriage …..

    mmatlou says:


    Semomo says:

    Wow, this is one of my favorite weddings on the perfect wedding show. congratulations guys, May God bless you.
    @Mr Mkhatshwa, kindly send me ur contact details on u got urself a client. thanks

      Replied to Semomo

      oratile says:

      Hi Semomo, Moss’s cellphone number is 0820446968, thanks

    Huli says:

    woow this is a nice wedding,i love every pic of yu guys,nice colour coordination.

    kani says:

    nice wedding, very stylish took some tips for my wedding soon to come, luv the bridesmaid dresses

    Mells says:

    Our perfect wedding season 2…hmmmmm this guy designed beautiful clothes for his wedding… The best

    Nomsa says:

    Our perfect season 2, beautiful wedding indeed

    Fundi says:

    The groom designed and made the bride and the bridesmaid’s dresses. I really enjoyed this wedding kuMy Perfect Wedding!

      Replied to Fundi

      K-Fever!! says:

      hahahahahahahahah fundi lwena u r an OPW addict???ena he did n he did very well.

        Replied to K-Fever!!

        Fundi says:

        Anything to do with weddings. Even bride24

          Replied to Fundi

          MaNals says:

          Fundi molo sthandwa! Now that the blog is alive again, I might just send them my pics nam :)

            Replied to MaNals

            Fundi says:

            Hey MaNals!!!!

            Do it baby…

          Replied to Fundi

          kgolo says:

          ijoo ra swana guys my colleagues even say m addicted to this blog and they think i so so wanna get married

    Ntsiki says:

    Same here at Fundi, the bridemaid’s dresses are Super elegant.

    makaSoso says:


    mapre says:

    nice wed congrats

    Miss K says:

    @Fundi, yaaaah it was really a nice wedding to watch

    hlatse says:

    AAAH shubiduuuuuuu, nice wedding. cant forget you from our perfect wedding

    K-Fever!! says:

    saw dis wedding ko OPW my gosh shame dis guy loves his wife tlheng…….

    Trueteller says:

    My Friend and my ex-collegue, welldone Jane because this is fabulous.
    Wish you and Moss all the best……love you guys

    Miss Lee says:

    The dress is too busy for thet veil, but you looked nice though.

    MissDiva says:

    i saw this on the perfect wedding…lovely.

    Khumo says:

    There is something I notice here and I think it is a little bit biased. As much as I agree that the wedding was a beautiful one, I think the bloggers are being unfair on judging what has been posted here. You are now judging based on what you saw on tv. Where are the usual comments asking for the cake, the decor, the rings and so forth? I don’t see anyone asking about the traditional attire. However, makoti you were beautiful! may god bless your marriage.

      Replied to Khumo

      Fundi says:

      I see what you mean Khumo. …I agree with you, we always grill for more – as Ms K said am sure we all got excited because we saw the wedding on TV. If we didn’t I also would have screamed for more.

      But hey these days Sowetan disappoints us, even with brides who send their pics and Sowetan chooses what we see. Our complaints don’t even go anywhere- they post when they want and don’t when they don’t feel like it.

        Replied to Fundi

        Gloria Khumo Mosito says:

        Eish, Fundi Sowetan is disappointing seriously these days. I posted my wedding oictures so long ago and they are still not here. I get so pissed evrytime I login to find they are still not published. But I called them today and they are on it. I hope they will post them all or at least most of them. I can’t wait to be grilled by the peeps here ;)

    Miss K says:

    @Khumo maybe all those photos where sent to Sowetan but they normally don’t post everything on the blog.

      Replied to Miss K

      Khumo says:

      MissK I understand that and ga ke gane neh, all I’m saying is that even with other weddings that have previously been posted here, the same consideration should have been given. Why is it that with this one, just because it was on t.v no one complains about the incompleteness of the event? #justsaying

        Replied to Khumo

        K-fever!! says:

        Nah Khumo i thnk coz majority saw it on tv we reli dnt nid to c da pics again, its nt a matter ya gore coz we saw it on tv we r gtn xctd,if da wedding ws crap we wld hv grilled no mercy bt nnete ya batlega it was a lovely wedding n she did say dat dose dat want more pics cn chck deir facebooks pages or Ora kindly consider posting more pics.

          Replied to K-fever!!

          Gloria Khumo Mosito says:

          Lol, ae go sharp guys. I was just pointing out my observation on the manner in which comments are made here. No need to ask for more pics if everyone is happy to comment merely on what they see here. I didn’t realise that the comments expressed here can get one sided if one had the privilege of being on tv. I dont expect you to understand or agree with me, go sharp. It was a beautiful wedding anyway, just that the pictures are what you guys usually refer to as “incomplete” in other ppls weddings.

    nomz says:

    Saw this wedding on My perfect wedding. fabulous, elegant and beautiful. Great job groom, BRIDESMAID CHECK,MAKOTI CHECK. IF YOU DNT MIND ID LIKE YA EMAIL ADDRESS

    Brenda says:

    U guys are so perfect and beutiful,wishing u all the happiness life can bring.

    Brenda says:

    This was a perfect wedding

    Jane says:


    pp says:

    This was a beautiful wedding.Moss did a good job on the attire n makoti u looked very beautiful

    MissM says:

    Beautiful wedding Oratile, may God bless ur union

    TT says:

    could nt the groom design himself a nice waistcoat than buying this cheap one

    MashPosh says:

    beautiful wedding Ora…

    Mrs PI says:


    Oratile says:

    Thank you guys, The groom’s email address is

    Owami says:

    Beautiful wedding and love makoti’s dress

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