Orefile & her sister Omolemo
Orefile & her sister Omolemo
68 Comments October 21, 2013

Mr and Mrs Boleu

68 Comments on "Mr and Mrs Boleu"

    Nonza says:

    Nice Dress Makoti, Mokgonyana necklace e Orange not ayoba.. Lol It was a perfect Wedding after all..

    Keem says:

    Nice wedding Makoti, Nice dress and colour combination, but too much bridesmaid

    smatsatsa says:

    thank goodness, re hlatswa mahlo arena ka manyalo a batho again
    beautiful makoti… go shorta smile fela

    Dumo Zwane says:

    Nice wedding,but the bridesmaids are too much.

    Huli says:

    Wow,nice wedding,i love your colours,may God bless your union

    fancy face says:

    love the groomsmen pix 4/10 2nd set of pix

    Tebo26 says:

    This wedding is not nice. too many bridesmaids etc.

      Replied to Tebo26

      Mr Boleu says:

      point taken

    Minazo says:

    beautiful indeed may God bless your union

    K-fever! says:


    Mapimpana says:

    Beautiful wedding, but I must say….too many bridesmaids, I also feel that there should have been a break of colour between the shoes and dresses, black bowties and champagne handkerchiefs??? as for the furthers on your head makoti…I don’t know what to say… May God bless your union

    Fundi says:

    Nice wedding makoti. There are a few hits and misses like in most of our weddings here. I like the bridesmaids’ dresses, hair and shoes. The ladies made an effort. I respect the choice you made of having 9 of them. A few items are so 1990s, but you did a good job.

    Congratulations and all the best.

    tsaki says:


    Julia says:

    Congrats makoti,not that bad. Where’s the decor? i like the combination except on pic 7,what’s that on your head? It is not ayoba at all.Your hair style on your wedding dress and those of the bridesmaid’s are perfect. God bless your union!

    Calm says:

    Picture 9 and 10 looks like school choir

    K-fever! says:

    Sowetan Online kopa le hire parttime to maintain dis blog tuu coz clearly gwa pala bathong.

    pp says:

    nice colors but the school choir is a nono makoti

    muntju says:

    How do I upload photos people?

      Replied to muntju

      K-fever! says:

      muntju call them dats if dey r still alive…le gona u gonna send den we are only gonna c dem nxt year at dis rate yoh.

    Veronica says:

    Beautiful makoti beautiful

    Siphiwe says:

    Beautiful pics and makoti’s dress WOW maara die strooi too much.God Bless ur Union Mr & Mrs Boleu

    bnidget says:

    perfect wedding and beautiful makoti aswell bridesmaids

    Lettie says:

    Nice wedding and where’s the decor

    Mr Boleu says:

    thank you south africa, may God bless you all.

    Jeanny Morare says:

    Nice wedding, pic 9 reminds me of my wedding ke ngwetsi ya Tafelkop and also had to sit like you guys re laiwa kgosi Rammupudu

    Sammy says:

    I like that mr boleu.realy it was fun

    Nthabibi says:

    Ish yu tried but I don’t like yr outfit and is look like 1980′s men anyway onyetse o happy never mind us

    gina says:

    groom’s necklace, not ayoba! Congrats on your wedding

    smatsatsa says:

    slide two picture no 8, o kare borokgo bja ngwana bo thibogile
    is it my eyes?

    thoko says:

    nice wedding God bless your marriage Mr and MRS boleu

    fluffy says:

    Smatsatsa es waar lidabukile

    fluffy says:

    may god bless your union people

    Mtimbula says:

    @ Smatsatsa yor eyes are spot on

    lady j says:

    the wedding seem nice, could comment more if more pic were there, especially the dec,the cake etc.
    too much strooies, but they are beautyfull, they really made the effort(the shoes, and hairstyles).
    your dress is nyc makoti, but the hair no no..umkhwenyana looks nyc, its nyc for a change not to see a suit wit a different coulour, not white.
    may the good Lord bless your union.

    kgadi says:

    Kerata your briedsmaid dresses and the shoes.Le the colour e sharp.Perfect wedding.Good luck

    Miss Lee says:

    Makoti and the bride’s maid were beautiful and also the groomsmen looked perfect, mara bathong deco e kae and cake, la ropa

    Mmalelapa says:

    Mara Sowetan Live, the new admin o tla tsoga a theogetse, kgotsa re letile lefifi fela mo????

    Fortune Manyathela says:

    My friends beautiful weddding, well done Mr. Boleu! re lebogwa ge ofile mma’rena Mrs Boleu the honour of being your wife… officially so! Congrats and may God bless the union….

    mmatlou says:

    beautiful wedding ..

    Josey says:

    Nice pics and may God bless ur union.What missing is decos,but the pics tells me that it was woooow also.
    For those who are concern especially Tebo & Nonzi abt the Groom’s neclace is a tradition,he is perfoming his tradition to put that neclace and for the brides & groom made is their choice.If you where at wedding you would even see the need for criticizing It is good to see a young couple with such a nice blessed wedding.

    Julie says:

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Boleu…God bless your marriage…

    Dikaa says:

    This is a beautiful wedding, you tried your best. You really set your Standard, thats Excellent.
    If you are happy with the setup and colour and dress up that’s your best.
    May God bless your marriage, and don’t forget the Rock foundation in your marriage.


    SuzyM says:

    WOW! May God richly bless your marriage.

    Rebs says:

    WOoooow was so beautiful, congrats Mr @ Mrs Boleu, God bless ur marriage

    Mama Lwandle says:

    Beautiful! May God bless

    Florah says:

    Tjo I just wonder why admin doesnt just shutdown the blog because its not serving its purpose anymore. i mean i though it was to help us and let us enjoy with S.A the beauty of Matrimony. Personally i love the blog because it helps me with what not to do and what to do as im planning my sis wedding. yet its not nice coming to the blog and we forever begging for pics. Ao admin if its technical problems and so forth, they rather inform us and not leave us hanging. please admin. this blog has been very helpful to many of us.

    Trueteller says:

    pictures 3,4,5,6 they were not necessary maybe you should have used the space to post pictures for deco, cake or more pictures of hubby and wifey. too many mastroi, they look like a church choir but they are so lovely and stylish, i also love your colour combination. God bless ur union

    Zinyo says:

    Ngathi kuseskolweni

    janett says:

    Nice wedding I love the theme and brides mates are very nice. where is the deco makoti the brides and grooms mates are tooo much its a big no no

    hlohlo says:

    admin can you just delete the lady in safari pic, the chicken fur outfit…..wa hlola ausi. ke kgogo or nonyane?

      Replied to hlohlo

      Julia says:

      Like i said it’s not ayoba @ all.

    Fundi says:

    Sowetan, please hire me to manage this page. Even on a part-time basis I would do a better job. This is torture. Sizwile, siyazivuma izono zethu!!!

      Replied to Fundi

      Florah says:

      I would even do it for the experience no payment needed hle…yhoooooo

    Lizzy says:

    Let what God had joined be not separated, i wish u guys an everlasting and happy marriege as for the pictures vry nice i like i like

    Miss K says:

    Aowa lena, Sowetan now ba worse. Kganthe what’s happening vele, gape this ke season yadi weddings they cant tell me that they dont have wedding to post o_0

    TeeTee says:


    You are hired!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    miss L says:

    bridemaids are many but i like their dresses
    god bless you

    kaykay says:

    Nice wedding indeed,BUT to much bridesmaid,and the feathers on ur head makoti its a no no no,so ugly.God bless your marriege.

    Lebo says:

    Talk of pure African beauty!!! Makoti, u rock my world, u are beautiful. Am straight thou (woman).

    Bra Zukie says:

    Perfect no complain, especialy you makoti you are a woman straight.

    tumi says:

    cute best men in white…perfect!

    Lulu Masuku says:

    Woooow nice wedding well planned and organised may God bless your marriage

    Phoro Rammupudu says:

    Beautiful wedding Bakgaga ba Kopa.le ba pila

    Prosper says:

    The bride looks beautiful in her wedding gown. Kodwa the groom, what is with the neck piece bantu?

    Tkay says:

    Not fit for 2013

    Thosav says:

    Nice wedding and traditional clothing perfect…..Mokgonyana dnt mind the necklace stuff its tradition it coordinates with your sphumamazweni(meaning that Top) it suits pecfect…..eish batho ba timela gape esih culture culture!!

    Lebo says:

    Beautiful kids

    Sweetness says:

    Nice colours mara le tletse man.

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