Orefile & her sister Omolemo
Orefile & her sister Omolemo
88 Comments November 12, 2013

Kgomotso and Shongi Maswanganyi

88 Comments on "Kgomotso and Shongi Maswanganyi"

    TeeTee says:

    Where is the groom, too many photo of makoti alone.

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      Mmabatho says:


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      tp says:

      nice!! perfect wedding perfect couple!!

    Adel says:

    This was indeed a unique wedding which seemed very well organised though I’m not sure about the choice of theme. Moreover, we don’t see much of the groom, it drives us away from the fact that this was a wedding, it looks more like a marketing campaign for a particular bridal shop.

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      K-Fever!! says:

      I think the bride was marrying herself: ga ana monna!!!!

      hw dumb she shldnt have bothered to even write the guys name nkebe a ngwetse lebitso la gae fela and said MY WEDDING DAY LOOK HOW GOOD I LUKD….

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      BOSS says:

      You are quiet right

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        THEMBA says:

        I am so disappointed, this is a weeding. Not a faction show piece. where is the groom? where is the cake? where is the deco. Waste of blokkers’space.

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      zesto says:

      Ai that’s true she’s focusing on the beauty of her dress net

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      Angie says:

      you are rite, it looks like a campaign for a beidal shop. Where is the groom.

      Did she forget to shave?

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      Miss Short says:

      I fully agree

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      JJ says:

      Adel u r right. exactly my thoughts

    Linda says:

    Lol TeeTee is dat all u can say Lolest

    nyadza says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooow beautiful, i am really inspired.

    Florah says:

    Beautiful dress makoti. please send more formal pictures and groom’s pictures

    BABYGIRL says:

    wow beautiful indeed. wena Adel what do u know, the theme is exquisite & exclusive. typical people still stuck in the notion that ” u wear black only at funerals”. get with the program. this was thee bomb

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      Adel says:

      Thanks for the free education BabyGirl, maybe I will have to constantly visit the pictures in order to capture this beauty that has mesmerised you so much….

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      BOSS says:

      Did it explode?

    Candra says:

    Makoti you so pretty.. i love your dress and the hair, very well planned!

    thully says:

    where is the decor? very nice makoti

    Julia says:

    Well well well planned perfect wedding though i don’t go with colour black. Congrads makoti. More picture for the groommaids and the deco please.

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      Julia says:

      Is the girl in page 1,pic no:9 your patner maybe?

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        Florah says:

        Lol Julia, I think the partner is pic 9 page 2.

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        Ndo says:

        Loool, it looks sooo wrong, i hate women smooches PERIOD!

    Ms Pearl says:

    WOOOOOOW!!!!!! stunning, all the way through, beautiful bride, beautiful vintage theme, classy elegant, beautiful pictures, beautiful people. Awesome!!!! and my friend, GOOOOOORRRRRGEOUS!!!!

    Mercy says:

    Your dress is very beautifull and you look very gorgeous in it. You had a stunning wedding your photo’s captivated me, I wish I can see more. Happy married life. I really love the dress.

    Fundi says:

    We would have loved to see more “wedding” pics Makoti because it seems like it was a perfect wedding. The pics you have sent are more of you and friends than the actual wedding. Please share your beautiful day with us.

    One Love

    pp says:

    ohhhh. i love your dress gal.i would like to see more pics of the decor pls

    Linda says:

    Funda i did pics u know but i think Sowetan chose this once but will try to resent all and thanks hey, wena Julia what about pic 9, whats funny about it…

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      Julia says:

      Nothing is funny bcoz the lady has dwelled too much into umakoti with the kissing.

    Linda says:

    pp thanks a lot , it was a beutiful and unique wedding , will send more pics nee

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      K-Fever!! says:

      hai pls do then maybe we can comment coz nna mo ke bona wena fela….

    Linda says:

    thank you Babygal

    Linda says:

    thanks Candra

    SupaW says:

    I know Linda, sowetan dont post all the pictures we sent them, they did that with my wedding. They leave out the decor, cake and they just post. Ppl keep on asking about more pictures. I even send them an email for them to give ppl pics of decor etc and they never did or responded. Or maybe our pics are to big to upload all of them. They know what their viewers are looking for but they just post what they want. I mean i only send them 18 pics.

    SupaW says:

    Your wedding was beautiful indeed.

    Candra says:

    Im so inlove with your dress.. I cant stop looking at it hehe it suits you perfectly

    Linda says:

    @ SupaW its boring you know why vhele , maybe its the sizes u might be right, thanks a lot Candra

    Miss K says:

    Woooooow, this is beautiful. Well planned Makoti but I will have loved to see decor and groom pics too

    Miss J says:

    nice pics Makoti, beautiful theme. not sure about those underarms though mybe its the colour of the pic.overall beutiful and inspiring.

    kgadi says:

    Wa swanelwa makoti and your bridemaids haaaa beautiful

    Fundi says:

    Sowetan is not fair, because they know what we looking for. I am sure these admins just upload and never listen to any feedback we send/write.
    We always complain about ppl who send other ppl’s weddings because of lack of detail, and here they are – posting incomplete pics. If admin was loyal to this blog, she would have know which pics to leave out (if size was an issue).

    You disappoint everytime Sowetan!!!!

    ntebo says:

    wow the bride cc you are beautiful and i love the theme wonderful all dresseds out a day to remember always

    Busi says:

    Really nice venue and good photographer too.
    Can we get the info??

    Mmalelapa says:

    Makoti, o motle, mosese wa gao o motle, your bridal party e ntle, but o re timile, monna wa gao, decor, cars and cake. mara lenna ga ke rate picture 9 on page 2, it makes one imagination run wild….If ke Sowetan e witholdileng di pictures, tlogelang go re konkometsa please.

    Mmalelapa says:

    Forgot to say, congratulations on your wedding and may the Almighty God bless your marriage Mr & mrs Maswanganyi.

    Trueteller says:

    Naah!!!!!!!!! so many things are missing here, until then i wont say much.*congrats lady*

    Miss Lee says:

    Congrats lady, beatiful dress, too big bow on the bride’s maid dresses, where is the decor and the groom.

    Ginababe says:

    perfect wedding indeed :)

    BOSS says:

    There is the groom kissing his bride, you guys mara? You only need to see a suit to believe she is the groom ne?
    Nice wedding and dark ampits

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      cloey says:

      what happened to sense of humour?

    cloey says:

    beautiful dress. COngrats!

    Danisa says:


    Dani says:

    ok where is the groom. i see her kissing someone like a lady was it a lesbian marriage. her dress is nice but she doesn’t portray a wedding on this pictures.

    tumi says:

    nice dress. but where is the groom? she is not even wearing a ring…where is table setting…guests… this is just advertising. i am stealing your design because you are showing off…will make my own dress the day God blesses me with a man.

    Noni says:

    nice dress

    kgolo says:

    looks more like a beautifulllllllllll photoshoot

    Mahlatse says:

    ppl check page 2 for more pictures

    Bongie says:

    wow this is beautiful :)

    zowi says:

    this is not a wedding

    Dani says:

    i checked page 2 and it still her all over.

    Maki says:

    I think de pics were posted by a choma bcos makoti wud hev 1nted us to see umkhwenyana

    K-Fever!! says:

    my comments are not being posted so from now on im just a spectator in the the blog…..yipeeeeee!!!

    Shalez says:

    Nice pics sisi but who are you getting married to ?

    LQ says:

    The photos here don’t give you much of chills down the spine like wedding photos should, share some more sister…I’m sure there’s plenty where these came from. It looks like you had a perfect wedding day. The dress is gorgeous.

    Mangi says:

    Woooooooooooooooow that’s all i can say big ups to the photographer….job well done.

    Kateki says:


    locust says:

    makoti ddnt shave

      Replied to locust

      Miss V says:

      Guys can’t you see that our makoti is a lesbian? the lady kissing her is her husband.

    caro says:



    Prosper says:

    Very classy, chic and sophisticated.

    janett says:

    Nice wedding makoti, though it seem like you were in a photo shoot. where is the deco and cake,setup and groom. most of the things are missing. your wedding dress is wow not sure about the theme

    Tkay says:

    Is that it? but you have shaved makoti!!!

    Lebo says:

    I dont know if this was a wedding or she was modelling the dress, no groom but i saw one of the pictures she was kissing a woman maybe shes ashamed that shes marrying a woman mmm…

    Glurmz says:

    Nice Pics must say but why the serious KISS with another woman come on that spoil the whole pis! Just my 2cent

    thoko says:

    Nice dress makoti….!

    thoko says:

    White and black mmmmmmmmh something different ,unique and classy

    Mpumie says:

    True definition of unique, creative and original. Im loving this but I can’t see the groom.

    check creannovativecontemplations.wordpress.com

    rea says:

    beautiful wedding, love your dress makoti, bloggers I found this blog http://www.purepearlsluxuryevents.co.uk with amazing weddings at avianto

    mmatlou says:

    what is this?fashion parade …

    hlohlo says:

    mmatlou I agree with you this s really a fashion show nothing else

    Fancy says:

    WOW! love the theme beautiful weddding….

    mokete says:

    i love the pictures ,but where is the groom and i think i knw the photographer:if its not Bonolo productions then i dont knw

    Diva! says:

    she is so pretty! great choice of dress, complements her curves very well – makeup is great, and the photographer did a great job. she looks absolutely stunning. A free-tip to the ladies: take care of your under-arms, use roll-on that has 0% alcohol

    nono says:

    congrants gal ur wedding was beautyful. ladies stop the jelousy God will surely bless you to one day, im sure some of you are grooms exs kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ul be strong neh? u didnt play ur parts well dats why its not u on day dress. booooooooooom

    wendy says:

    is this a wedding or a photo shoot?, you do look good in that gown though.

    Ntsiki says:

    Makoti you looked elegent but i missing the groom ???

    KAY KAY says:

    Where is the groom, the bride is full of her self . any way its your daY.

    Sweetness says:

    Nice wedding mara whyare u hiding the groom, give us more pics of him. Dont do this sesi……….. God bless!!!!!!

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