Orefile & her sister Omolemo
Orefile & her sister Omolemo
9 Comments November 12, 2013
During the wedding season, the marriage venues remain booked, caterers and decorators work overtime to complete the work in a timely manner. Every third individual you meet is either going to get engaged or married. However, it cannot be denied that the whole task of planning a wedding is one hell of a task.

The problem can go on to evolve into a much bigger problem, if you do not have any experience in organizing the successful weddings. In such a situation, the ideal thing to do here is to rope in a good wedding planner who has got the right mix of the experience and skill in organizing a memorable marriage.

Why you should focus on seeking the services of a wedding planner? The professional wedding planners could just turn out to be your best when it comes to organizing an enjoyable and unforgettable wedding. If you are still apprehensive about using the services of the planners, then the following reasons will clear all your doubts:

Reason 1: You certainly deserve to be everything flawless on your special day It requires countless number of hours and hard work to pull off an excellent wedding. The best wedding planners have got a rich experience in organizing perfect wedding innumerable times that too with a remarkable amount of excellence. They have a pretty good knowledge about the right people such as the florist, decorators, caterers, etc who with their expertise can make sure that your big day becomes an event to remember.

Reason 2: You must enjoy the wedding celebrations rather taking unnecessary stress You certainly would want to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding celebrations with your family members. Most importantly you do not want to turn into a nervous groom or bride who cannot sleep, eat or work properly because of constantly worrying about the work that is there to be done. A wedding event planner has the requisite skills and time to deal with all the work on your behalf. All you have to worry about is shopping for the desired things and enjoying the wedding period.

Reason 3: You do not want to waste precious time searching for the suppliers When there are so many suppliers in the market, then it is quite a daunting task to select a one that matches your expectations. Knowing you can serve you better in a hassle-free manner is one of the challenging tasks of planning a successful marriage. Once you are able to find a renowned planner, all the tasks become easier. They have a well-detailed contact list of the suppliers who can leave no stone unturned to make your wedding grand and perfect.

Reason 4: You and your beloved partner both work and you do not want wedding planning to hamper your work

Both of you are working couples and do not have a lot of time to look after your wedding preparations. The wedding planners act as the personal assistants who have the sole responsibility of taking care of all the preparations and that means you can concentrate on your work without any worries. It is clearly evident that planning a wedding completely drains you as it consumes a lot of time and energy. There is endless research work have to be done, making endless calls to the suppliers, making payments and so on. Using the services of the wedding planners means you reduce considerable amount of legwork, stress and guarantee that your big day will be truly magical.

9 Comments on "How can a wedding organizer prove to be a boon for you?"

    Pam says:

    Very true.Can you suggest wedding planners with contact details please. Especially those that cater for us black africans and those who understand the our culture of weddings.

    Thandi says:

    I’m planning my wedding next year and so far its been a very stressing ordeal and the reason might be that I don’t have a wedding planner. I never realized how important it is to have someone who will assist you with planning. Thank you for the info and considering getting a wedding planner now.

    Mmalelapa says:

    This blog is DEAD DEAD DEAD…. Sowetan live just remove it please.

    smatsatsa says:

    i second that mmalelapa

    Ginababe says:

    seconded :(

    lol says:

    Ai bo ENOUGH already!!!!! when are we getting NEW material, this is not ayoba. More pics pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    K-Fever!! says:


    Fundi says:

    The funeral of the blog will be held on Saturday 11th of January. After that no visitors to the blog……

    RIP Wedding Blog. We had great days with you before you died your slow painful death. Robala ka Khotso

    LM Artistry says:

    For professional bridal make-up and engagement shoots please contact LM Artistry on 0603751860.

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