Orefile & her sister Omolemo
Orefile & her sister Omolemo

66 Comments on "Bishop and Lucia’s wedding"

    K-fever! says:

    tjo thusang….

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      Nthabi says:

      lmaol ai wena u can say that again

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      Kay says:

      Eish, can’t stop laughing. Yah thuso ya tlhokega straight.

    Ekwanna says:

    mehlolo ga e fele

      Replied to Ekwanna

      K-fever! says:


    Nolita says:

    Please send us photos tota tse ke eng I think your friend posterd these pics

    MaB says:

    Who is the husband anyway. I don’t understand mo Itjoo!

    Trueteller says:

    TTLTLTLTLTLT, I will reserve my comment

    hlohlo says:

    Hahhahahahahahahahahah makoti o nale bakgonyana ba two jooo hahahahaha circus

    lindi says:

    yo0o,hai,ga disegishe,mehlolo gae fele

    Miss K says:

    Kwaaaaaa @Nolita im with you there, I think its a friend who posted. But if not #People, photos are a lifetime memories, so its worth it to invest on a professional photographer/videographer#

      Replied to Miss K

      Ntoks says:

      This is not a matter of photographer, its just that this wedding is a mess….period….the gown eish……jah neh!

    mobyabya says:

    itjo bakahina jerrrr…selo se ke moshato

    Fundi says:

    Your veil makoti, tjoo its just soo wrong. The decor and the sofa you sitting on is just too contradictory. No comment about the bouquet.

    You are a beautiful woman with a handsome hubby. Congratulations on your big day!

    NTOSCH says:


    Nthabibi says:

    Hahahahaha bathong, but you tried de best makoti osentse feela ka veil hlohong nkare jwale ke fatuku feela oibehile sefahlehong anyway good lucky with yr lovely husband sweeti

    Shaz says:

    Lmao dead by comments *At Avbob*

    Cloey says:

    congradulations on your wedding.God belss your union. U looked very happy on your day. Nice dress.

    This is one of the reasons people must attend wedding expos, buy bridal magazines and attend other weddings if invited,..also speak to your frinds/families for advise dont just do your own thing secretively coz o tla ira di potsa hela.

    mara…the person who did the decor le yana.. o tsaya pila? How can he/she do that mara???

    Ntoks says:

    Was this a traditional wedding or white wedding? *wondering because of the deco* What is the theme of the wedding? Eish yah neh!

      Replied to Ntoks

      K-fever! says:

      Theme ne le ele Circus!!!!

    P-gal says:

    Tjooo guys, ur comments. U just made my day.

    smatsatsa says:

    guys if you dont have anything nice to say just dont say anything at all. post your wedding pics re boneng!

      Replied to smatsatsa

      Delicious says:

      Thats the truth if you do not hace anything nice to say then keep quite. Lena le poster ne? your pics.

    Nolita says:

    Smatsatsa no need to be like that phela batho ba batla go nna honest, and why decorate tradition ka white wedding, commenting assist even future brides not to repeat the same mistakes and le wena you will one day help your sister.

      Replied to Nolita

      K-fever! says:

      amen do we have to keep ppl da same again n again????we r entitled to our opinions and re thusa future brides to plan.N no matter what we say the bottom line is dat it was thier day and as long as it made dem hapi nothin we say wil ever change dat….


      Replied to Nolita

      JJ says:

      eish no comment indeed tjoo haikona i don think they r aware that we can c dis pics hai..hai..hai mm.mm.mmm

    DONDO says:

    hai aretse!

    DONDO says:

    guys i think the one with stone suite is bride’s father

    TKay says:

    the veil was too short in the front, and the bouquet??? was it made out of fabric, the plastic ribbon is a no no on da bouquet

    Makananelo Mathibe says:

    Im starting to think that perhaps we are being a bit too nasty in the way that we comment on the pics that are posted. Every bride wishes to have the wedding of their dreams and remember that we all have different taste. Telling a bride her wedding is ugly is like telling a mother that her child is ugly. its hurtful. When i look at the names the “bloggers” are using, its not even their real names. i can bet you some of you who are writing these horrible comments have also posted your pics on this blog before and dont have the guts to use your real name when commenting because your weddings were probably nothing to write home about. Clearly some of you ladies are very shallow and have very low self esteem, because u clearly feel the need to put others down so that you can feel good about yourself. grow up man.

      Replied to Makananelo Mathibe

      K-fever! says:

      go fly a kite….

      Replied to Makananelo Mathibe

      zish says:

      i wudnt say this better. uyitye yonke Makananelo. i rily jst hate abantu aba-insensitive. making fun of smthng tht meant/means to umnikazi wayo. hw wud they feel really ke bona xa kunothiwa koo mama babo, their sons and daughters look so ugly, for advice, their mother should have looked for better looking husbands or baby fathers so as to make better looking babies. i dnt care if u guys will say sifanisa into engafaniyo bt it makes sense. stop being nusty towards other people. if u rily hv nothing exciting or nice to say….reserve your comment. dont u think xa aba bantu bafaka iiwedding pictures zabo apha, xa bebona iicomments ezifew, that cud maybe communicate smthng kubo? that maybe ke there rily is smthng wrng. pls maan people. u r hurting feeling here.

    Khadjo says:

    Haaa mona fase hle makoti it was your day and enjoy.oka sere kgotsofatse kamoka.

    Mokgadi says:

    Mara nna i dnt undstnd, y batho ba re setup ya batho le di dress ke *MISTAKE*.
    S much s we dont like the way it’s been set up but 2 them be go le smart. We all have different tastes. Lena le reng dilo tsa batho a di smart, ke choice ya lena & chances are, u also did hings @ ur wedding tht other ppl dnt like. Kgane wedding e about making other ppl happy or urself???????

    By the way, s 4 the veil, deco ya dikoloi le bouquet,
    comment loading…………………..2%

    Ndo says:

    Posh Oh My Gosh #dead#

    psyfo says:

    I think it wud be better if sowetan had blog on wedding planning so pple can get ideas rather than bieng criticised afta the wedding… disaster u cnt do anything abt

    congrats and god bless

    Zero says:

    whats that thing on the head? anyway…God has blessed yr marriage dear.

      Replied to Zero

      WildChild says:

      short and sweet comment – but with a very funny undertone – I feel what you’re trying to say …

    B2 says:

    Bathong!!! itja’ *metlae*

    Zndy says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha I don’t know what to say TLTLTLTL @K-fever u r killing me struuuu kwaaaaaaaaaak

    K-fever! says:

    new blog trend ask n you shall be given….CAN WE PLEASE HAVE WEDDINGS TO ENJOY ITS TUESDAY TODY AND STILL NOTHING!!!

    smatsatsa says:

    ke laka leo k fever

    hlohlo says:

    true k-fever we bored bathong

    Mmalelapa says:

    @K-fever and those who are awaiting new wedding posts, its winter guys and winter is not a popular wedding season. Unless, you want admin to refresh our minds, with previous weddings that were a hit, maybe those that got the most silly comments, you know, just to keep the rythmn going.

    K-fever kgale o blogger ne, ke sure gore la gao letsatsi, if ga le so fete, la ba WOW….

    What I want to say ke gore, because of all you comments on this blog, whether positive or negative, i can look at my wedding pictures and DVD with pride. Although the wedding was in 2007, even today, the dress, decor, venues, cake, accessories, outfits, will still be relevant for years to come. Thanks K-fever and Boss(where are you Boss, we miss you)…..

      Replied to Mmalelapa

      K-fever! says:

      mara myb gona le a khale nyana….alwys a pleasure n my day wil b wow dats y ke saver as much as i can ebile ke sa le rushe.

      You should send ur wedding pics re di bone….

        Replied to K-fever!

        Mmalelapa says:

        ke romele gape, gape le dvd ya teng, has been safely put away for my grand children. We cherich the moment by looking at the photo book. I have had my 5 minutes of fame, now its time for others to shine.

        And if they want to shine, they will take note of the comments and advice that are given on this blog. Di ya thusa bathong. Ba bang ba rona, we cannot afford di bridal magazines, but we can access this blog ko mesebetsing ya rona for free and get tips.

    Julia says:

    @Makananelo i agree with you. Every1 has his\her own taste.We may talk but the fact is she is Mrs Bishop and probably a happy woman for her respectful hubby.Or maybe o mongwe wa bona Mr Bishop dumped her for Lucia and now she pours her frustration on her? Jealousy!!! Bona ba nang le negative comments tsa go bora who knows gore ga ba nyalwa and never will they be because of their attitude? If they are married who knows gore they are not even happy in their marriage? La bora man.

    ribs says:

    dead by decor, o kare mantlwaneng..

      Replied to ribs

      mo2 says:

      ribs o worse as 4 mantlwane…. lol

    kaykay says:

    The dress is nice on top bt buttom part looks like lacecurtain 2me.wats da theme anyway,aoo bathong

    UNATHI says:

    R u guys serious abt yo comments?????

    Nonhlanhla says:

    Congra, but Makoti you are wearing the wrong dress for your chest. Wishing you all the best.

    Thosav says:

    Mafetwa ke lena tlogelang Ngwana o mongwe…You were beautiful girl and the Wishing you all the best May the good lord richly bless you and ure Man….Lovely

    straight talker says:

    jellas down guys, o no hwetja le go nyalwa le se la nyalwa le ne bana ba 3 ba di different fathers mara le bolela kudu…..Modimo a le hlogonolofatse banyalani…lenyalo ke hlogonolofatso ya Modimo…not to please ppl

    gabi says:

    Bagaetsho a nke relebogisaneng gore Modimo a re phagamise, Le lona le tle le bone manyalo, but fa o sa lebogise mtho o mongwa a never o bone di blessings from God

    Shushi says:

    I think if I post my wedding ke nyaka batho to comment. Maybe positive or negative . But I dont see any problem if someone will say bad thing or good thing. At the end of the ke se ke seratago. If ke sa nyake go na hurt then ke tla lesa go romela my wed pics. Is not a problem gore mang o reng. Nna I have learned a lot from people ba commetang . En ke tshentsitse some of my things because I am learning something here.Thanks guys.

    God bless you all

    JJ says:

    Don’t worry about all this comments it’s all the jealousy.And not being married.People have different taste and do thingslooking at their budget.Even the bible says don’t judge.

    Neo says:

    joooo ba tsheisa byang

    rea says:

    Sowetan I’m disappointing, why oh why did you allow some of these comments,how is this bride suppose to feel. I know you want sell papers but as a moderator you should have not allowed hurtful comments, end off

    rea says:

    meant to say dissapointed

    Mr Boleu says:

    comments are there to built us. congra on your wedding. don’t worry about the colours, just take care of your woman.

    kixs says:

    ukudla kwakho mfana

    nyadza says:

    guys plz help me,who is de hubby

    wedding police says:

    this wedding must be sumwhr in limpopo

    D'mama says:

    she must be a fan ya Teboho wa Muvhango, bathong towel e mo hloohong ya makoti juuu

    lebo says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh modimo wa di kgaogelo ,so plastic yeo mo hlogong ke ya eng wena makoti

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