Masechaba Moshoeshoe

Sowetan baby steps introduces its first celebrity mom insert with well known actress and radio personality Masechaba Moshoeshoe. Better known for her role in Scandal as Mmadika Molefe, Moshoeshoe shares with us her experience as a first time mom.

 Q.What daily challenges are you faced with as a celebrity mom?

  •  They are challenges that every working mother faces. How to make quality time for the kids and partner, leaving the kids when they are sick, ensuring discipline even when you are not around and trusting that someone else you pay has your children’s best interests at heart.

 Q. Was there a specific gap you set in between the conception of each child and why?

  •  Gave birth to my 1st child at the age of 35 because I wanted to be ready for motherhood. (discovered it’s true, you can never be 100% ready). But I’m glad I took my time as am in a perfect place to be a mother at this stage in my life.

 Q. How did you control and maintain your cravings?

  •  I’m so grateful because I never had any cravings.  No morning sickness.  But it wasn’t an easy pregnancy.

 Q. Do you think it is wise to know your babies gender during pregnancy?

  •  I think it’s a personal thing. I didn’t want to know but my baby decided to let me know at the 4D scan.

Q. Knowing that you intended to have more than one child did you give away your older children’s baby clothes and started buying afresh for each child?

  •  I was so blessed with gifts so I try share that blessing by giving away my daughter’s clothes to family, friends etc when she outgrows them.  I believe when I need them again, they will come back to me.

 Masechaba’s winter tip for your little one!

I keep a cough mixture and decongestant in the medicine cabinet. I find I give her once or twice when they start coughing or sniffling and it does the trick.


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