Richard Jnr Mashile

My Mom is Palesa and my Dad is Richard Mashile We hail from Katlehong.


  1. Holla bra Richard Jnr 🙂


    17 July 2009 • 9:07 am •
  2. Hey Cutie pie…Hope you grow up to be BIG and strong!!

    Mpho Mashile

    21 July 2009 • 11:29 am •
  3. just a sad note 2 mpho mashile & sweni’ junior didn’t live to be a strong & big man. He was tragically killed in a taxi accident involving a drunk driver. This tragedy struck on the 26th sep 2009. The family mashile was devastated by the cruel departure of this brilliant 2 year old boy. The Lord has been with us every step of the way. Palesa (junior’s mom)


    10 April 2010 • 7:44 am •
  4. Am just too sad for words Sis’ Palesa. He is far away but very near.


    13 April 2010 • 2:19 pm •
  5. Goodbye my Angel

    A beautiful Angel visited me
    I loved this angel so much
    I left no pocket unturned just to make sure
    his every need is being catered for
    This Angel loved cars so much

    Car was his way of life,
    Little did I know the car would be
    his way of departing from this world
    Death came like a thief to steal this angel
    He was granted angel wings at 2yrs

    Oh the pain,sadness,loss,frustration
    anger,grief,devastation and disbelief
    Oh how do I go on without my angel
    Why did you leave me so early?

    I loved this baby buy God loved him more
    If God gave up his son for us
    Why not give up mine for the love of God
    Thank God for the two yars of Joy

    Thank you my Angel,your death gave a meaning to my life.
    You died and I became born again.
    Goodbye my Angel
    I will surely see you again
    God made that promise to me.

    Goodbye my Angel

    By Palesa Mokilane

    Palesa Mokilane

    18 June 2010 • 1:41 pm •
  6. oh the lord is good to me. It’s okay my angel I understand why it happened , god wanted me closer to him. mom & dad miss u boy. We will always love u!


    4 November 2010 • 10:38 pm •
  7. (Crying) You are so strong my sister and m glad u not blaming God for what happened, cause everytin happens for a rsn. I am realy sorry for ur loss….M sure he is a cute ANGEL next to GOD. Stay strong guys God is with u.


    12 August 2011 • 8:50 am •

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