Reshoketswe Nhlakanipho Allegra

Hello, my name is Reshoketswe Nhlakanipho Allegra,
I was born on the 21June 2007at 04:55pm at Parklane Hospital,
Im the apple of my daddy’s eye, my mother’s angel & my big brother’s sweetheart. I’m blessed with 3 beautiful names & beleive me i have taken after all 3 of them. Reshoketswe means Grace, Nhlakanipho means Wisdom and Allegra means Joyful. I’m H.A.P.P.Y to have my family !!!!


  1. hi reshoketswe wis u could remain as beautiful as yo are now…love you


    14 April 2010 • 12:17 pm •
  2. ouma from Braamfontein!!!!!!wen you grow up call me on this number 011 573 2200


    14 April 2010 • 12:19 pm •

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