Phathutshedzo Makhado

This is our baby boy Phathutshedzo Makhado. He was born the 8thJune 2009. His name means blessing, we  named him blessing because GOD gave him to us as a blessing.  you can’t count  GOD’s blessings and he keeps on showering us with blessings. From his parents Tshifhiwa & Fhatuwani.


  1. nne ndi pfa ndo takala nga maanda musi Mudzimu oni fhatutshedza.nwana ndi mpho/tshifhiwa tshi bvaho kha Mudzimu.

    Ndi zwoo

    mukhethwa hugh nemut

    21 October 2009 • 1:26 pm •
  2. you are so cute,you share date&month my son rethabile. God bless you and your parents luv you


    22 October 2009 • 8:54 am •
  3. beautiful big eyes boy you cute thing


    22 October 2009 • 4:11 pm •
  4. Ndi phathutshedzo nga ngoho, nwana ndi tshifhiwa tshi bvaho tadulu. Huna vhane vha tama mpho iyi. Ndi a mufuna muzwala wanga.

    Nkhangweleni Mugwena

    25 February 2010 • 11:04 am •
  5. my son’s name is Phathutshedzo and his father’s name is also Fhatuwani .he is the first for both of us.a blessing indeed.May your son grow up to be a better man and may his life be filled with blessings


    27 July 2011 • 12:30 pm •

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