This cuties name is Paballo we call him “blu blu” and he is 11 Months old. What suprises me about him is that at his age he is already walking, trying to talk and have 10 teeth. We love him as a family and lucky to have been blessed with such a clever cuty. Come generations time it’s a party for him as he expect all of us to clap to him while he is dancing, he could be anywhere but when he hears the song we stop everything for him. He hardly ever cries and he is not staying with his mother and father.he has adjusted to all of that with no problem.


  1. Hi cuttie Pabi, I can see in your eyes that u r clever boy.


    22 July 2009 • 3:52 pm •
  2. His parents should be proud of him especially his father…

    Kefentse Letoaba

    21 September 2009 • 3:12 pm •

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