Oratile Camron

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sometimes-with-attitudeYeah! Here is my soldier Oratile Camron (real name: Kwemape Keitumetse Camron Matlala). Born 29 Dec 2007. The looks say it all, Pretty Boy Charmer. An inspiration to my everyday work. Thinking all the best he can bring out of him if looked after like a prince. He is so special to both me and his mother, a little I can tell is that even though we found out about him after we broke up, but we managed to come to an agreement about taking care of this little man. The name Oratile came up from his mother before birth, stating that it was with Gods love to have him and believed he will always keep us together. He is my inspiration when it comes to making music, I even inherited an alias OCs Daddy as a symbol of my dedication to him and my career! There is a lot I can mention about Cam, pictures will say more.