Ntando Ngwenya

I just want to share with the Sowetan world my beautiful gift from God and such a real bundle of joy. This is Ntando Ngwenya, mom and dad is Muzi and Randy Ngwenya he was born 21 April 2008. He’s the first grandchild in both families and first great grand child to mommys grand mother, everyone wants a piece of him, special to everyone. He is a very happy, friendly, sweet baby, he loves his ncanca (dummy) and he loves to eat traditional porridge more than anything else. Oh I miss him when Im at work his so much fun I could talk about him non stop.


  1. pontsoooooo,sweety pie you are so cute.luv you


    5 August 2009 • 8:33 am •
  2. He is so cute i wish i had a girl assemblief we would negotiate with the parents now whether they like it or not, he is so cute


    13 November 2009 • 2:03 pm •
  3. hhayi shame myekeleni uNtanto uhamba yedwa, He is so so cute. Mamkhulu loves you Ntando


    4 November 2010 • 2:59 pm •

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