Leano Motheo Kgatle

Hi every one my name is Leano Motheo Kgatle, I’m 9months ,will be turning 10months on the 10th of Oct.My parents are Busang & Pretty lovely parents i have & funny too especially my dad.I can’t wait for my 1st birthday on the 10 of Dec ,it’s going to be a fab day for me because I’m sharing it with my mom born on the 10 of Dec as well.


  1. angel,you are cute.


    22 October 2009 • 11:45 am •
  2. Aah babe u got beautiful lips darling and u r so cute babe happy 2 be bday on the 10th and Mommy enjoy ur day 2


    13 November 2009 • 11:33 am •

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