Kwantu Enzo Ndyalvan

kwanto2These are pictures of KwaNtu Enzo Ndyalvan..born on the 24th of March 2009 in Parklane clinic Johannesburg. The name Kwantu means “where we from” in Xhosa..which he was named by his mother Pamela Ndyalvan and Enzo is “home of the people” in Italian he was given the name by his father Luzuko Ndyalvan after the late founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari. Enzo is a bundle of joy who loves to laugh and who keeps his father awake till very late, he refuses to go to sleep before 11p.m and is more lively in those hours and who enjoys his bottle a lot and seldom cries.

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  1. Oh Cute man hey!!!!!


    21 October 2009 • 11:00 am •

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