Divorce when there are children involved can be a horrible experience if handled badly.

Often children will look for fault in themselves when parents break up.  Co-parenting amicably can benefit your child a great deal.

Having both parents in their lives helps children feel secure, benefit from consistency – (no running forth between mom and dad).

Children also learn how to solve problems better by watching their parents’ example of working through their problems to come together as one.

What is co- parenting? 

Co-parenting is shortened version of cooperative parenting a term used by industry professionals. The term is commonly used when referring to parents that are no longer in a relationship together but are raising their children together.

How to approach co-parenting

Communication is extremely important when co-parenting. The aim is conflict free communication with your child’s well-being being the ultimate goal.  When talking to your ex it is advisable to approach the new relationship as business relationship -with cordiality, respect, and neutrality. Always listen to each other, make requests- try avoiding statements as they tend to sound like demands.

Also commit to meeting/talking consistently, during these interactions show restraint as it is easy to overreact to your ex. To avoid misunderstandings, keep conversations child –focused.

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A few celebrities in Hollywood have shown us how co-parenting can work. People like Will Smith and Sharee Fletcher the mother of his first born, Trey. Trey currently lives with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith who considered raising him a privilege. Fletcher had this to say about being co-parents with Will Smith in an interview:

“It’s like the marriage didn’t work, so, now we gotta move on and what we need to do now is be the most effective and be the best co-parents we can possibly be”

Take a look at other celebrity co-parents in the gallery above.

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