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Name: Master Katlego Lesito – Age : 17months
Katlego is a true gentleman, he has brought so much joy to the entire family. He is the centre of attraction…very energetic and passionate about his sport; give him a soccer ball or a vuvuzela I tell you, you will laugh till you cry.He is a comedian in the family and every one’s favorite. He is eager to try any experience in life & he learns from it. Fast leaner who is not forgetful. He does not like doing things he is not comfortable with & he is a good listener.(If I say no it means no he understands that & will never repeat the same mistakes. He like colorful things.His favourite colour is red. He enjoy the company of other kids & always want to be incontrol of them & their toys. He likes sharing, he is not a selfish child. I really enjoy his childhood.