Baby Ernest

These are my parents and I when I was a day old!Hi! My name is baby Ernest. I am a young baby of 5 months and 1 week. I am nuts about milk, and mummy knows that because she gives me some milk every now and then. I have just started eating solid food and my favourite so far is creamy porridge and peach & banana breakfast cereal. I dont like pureed apple and pear because it tastes eewwww…I spill it all out when mummy or daddy tries to put it in my mouth. Afterall, I am just a new person who is not used to all these sourry tastes- I AM A MILK PERSON. 
I have got no teeth yet but I like putting things in my mouth, everything that I can get my hands on, thats how I learn and discover textures. Mummy understands that because she can just watch me eat a remote control!!! Thats it for now, I will tell you more once I get to crawl and move about, by the way I have just started sitting on my own and its exciting as I can play with my toys well.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful fam. May God bless you guys a le godisetse mosimane yoo.


    4 November 2009 • 1:23 am •

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