Babies ready to talk as early as 7 months

Most babies start talking well into the first age and a couple of months but a study suggests that is a bit late for them. And we might be to blame.


First let me clear this out, nothing bad will happen to the child, just that they want to speak earlier.

Stop using baby language with your little one if you want them to start talking early.

According to CNN’s The Chart Blog, babies want to speak as early as 7 months.


The study, conducted by researchers from Washington University suggests that parents should starting talking to their babies before or by the age of 7 months.

Most parents are probably saying ‘but I started speaking to my kids as early as 5 months?’

Well the problem is, most parents just make weird baby sounds.


The baby catches onto that and then only later do we begin talking to them properly.


This means the baby has to delete all the ‘my nyunyus’, all the ‘bhoyo bhoyos’ that we have been feeding him/her and it will take time.


The study was conducted on 57 babies and was to compare how 7, 11 and 12 months old babies from English speaking families processed sounds from English and Spanish.


According to the blog, the babies were placed in an egg-shaped, ‘non-invasive brain scanner’ that measures brain activation and listened to speech sounds played over a loudspeaker.


Researchers studied the pattern of sound analyzing ‘brain activation’ as well as brain areas required to produce speech.


“At 7 months, infants responded equally to sounds from both English and Spanish. Babies are citizens of the world. They’re not committed to any language or any languages. They’re just open,” said Dr. Patricia Kuhl, the lead researcher on the study.


“What we believe is happening is that the babies are dying to talk back.


“It means that babies even at an early age are practicing, rehearsing and activating brains in a social way so that when we serve something to them, they’re attempting to volley back,” said Kuhl.

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